Who is this Robert Crimo? All Know About US Parade Shooting Suspect

Robert Crimo

On July 4, 2022, a mass shooting occurred during an American Independence Day parade in Highland Park, Illinois. Shots rang out at 10:14 a.m. CDT, about 15 minutes after the march began. In addition to the seven fatalities, 48 others suffered gunshot or shrapnel wounds. On Tuesday, U.S. law enforcement authorities announced that they had arrested Robert Crimo, the sole suspect in the July 4 shooting in Highland Park, Illinois, a Chicago suburb that killed seven people and injured more than 48.

Eight-year-old and eighty-five-year-old victims were reportedly among the injured. Using an unlocked ladder attached to the roof of the building, the suspect was able to enter the area where the shooting occurred, police said. Investigators do not yet know what triggered the shooting. Apparently, after the incident, Crimo ran downstairs, leaving behind a Smith & Wesson M&P-15 semi-automatic gun. Deputy sheriffs said he escaped by dressing as a woman.

About Robert Crimo- The Suspect in the Shooting

  • Robert E. Crimo III, the suspect, is a 22-year-old man who also allegedly uses the name “Bobbie” A few hours later, he was arrested driving a silver 2010 Honda Fit with Illinois license plates, Reuters reports.
  • Second, a profile matching the suspect’s description (a thin, bearded man with many tattoos on his face and neck) surfaced on the Internet. Under the pseudonym “Awake the Rapper,” Crimo reportedly performed and released a number of original rap tracks.
  • Although he used the name “Awake the Rapper” in many social networks as early as 2011, it is widely believed that the rapper released his first song only in 2016. After being stopped in a silver Honda in 2020, he released a song titled “…In my Honda,” which has since been associated with the incident.
  • In addition, Crimo is said to be the son of a losing mayoral candidate in the 2019 election.
  • Instagram and Twitter accounts that looked like they belonged to Robert Crimo III, were deleted for ‘violations of the platform’s norms”

First Court Appearance- 3rd August, 2022

A month after Crimo allegedly went up on a rooftop in a Chicago suburb and opened fire on unknowing parade-goers, he finally had his day in court. Justice officials announced that Robert Crimo III, suspected of opening fire during a Fourth of July parade in Highland Park, Illinois, pleaded not guilty Wednesday to all 117 charges. According to Lake County State’s Attorney Eric Rinehart, the shooter, Robert E. Crimo III, was also charged with 48 counts of attempted first-degree murder and 48 counts of aggravated assault, one for each person struck by a bullet, bullet fragment or shrapnel.

He faces a sentence of life in prison without parole if found guilty of the murders of two or more people, Rinehart explained. According to Rinehart, a sentence of up to life in prison could be imposed for each of the 48 offenses if the aggravated assault charge is confirmed. The 48 counts of aggravated assault with a handgun carry a penalty of 6 to 30 years in prison in Illinois, with credit for time already served ranging from 0 to 85%.

He has been in custody without bail since he was arrested during a traffic stop hours after the incident. According to Lake County Assistant State’s Attorney Ben Dillon, Crimo disclosed to officers at a virtual bail hearing last month that he fired two 30-round magazines before putting a third magazine in his gun and firing again. Crimo’s public defenders did not request a trial. Rinehart said, “We definitely want them to have time to look at the facts. Crimo’s next court date is Nov. 1.

Nov 1, 2022

​22-year-old Robert Crimo III has actually appeared in court for the first time since his arraignment. Local websites and reporters report that prosecutors and the defense have discussed possible trial dates and clarified evidentiary issues in an Illinois court, but no date has been set. “They know about all the victims,” Lake County State’s Attorney Eric Rinehart reportedly responded. They have access to details on every potential witness, and the central business district has its own security records.

They have every officer who interviewed a suspect or a witness. You have every police officer in the city who has checked things out for you. Accordingly, the defense needs a systematic and cataloged presentation of all that evidence. Yes, that is what we are striving for. According to the Chicago Tribune, Crimo’s public defender, Anton Trizna, said another court date in such a short time is impractical because of the large amount of evidence that needs to be evaluated and organized. Another case management hearing will be held on Jan. 31. After his court appearance, Rinehart reportedly told reporters that police are now collecting and evaluating video footage from nearby facilities in an effort to identify the shooter.

Parents and History

Seven reckless conduct charges have been filed against Robert Crimo Jr, the father of the suspected Highland Park Parade shooter, for allegedly helping his son obtain the firearm used in the July massacre that left seven people dead. Prosecutors allege that Robert “Bobby” Crimo III, Robert’s son, obtained guns with his father’s help despite the latter’s 21-year mental illness and violent threats.

Whether or not a youth should have access to a firearm is a matter best decided by the youth’s parents or guardians. Simply put, they are the ones who initially block the enemy’s path. Lake County State’s Attorney Eric Rinehart said Friday that the system “failed” in this case. The paperwork was signed by Robert Crimo Jr. despite his knowledge, Rinehart explained. Bobby needed a sponsor for his Firearm Owners Identification (FOID) card because he was only 19 when he started collecting guns, and his father agreed to do so in December 2019, Rinehart said. The attorney representing Crimo said in July that his client did not know his son’s background when he signed the card.

Crimo’s brother, Paul, however, told CNN this summer that their father certainly knew of his son’s mental health difficulties but “did not see any difficulty when he sponsored the card.” A total of five handguns, including the Smith & Wesson M&P 15 with which he allegedly fired more than 80 bullets during the mass shooting, were legally purchased by Bobby after he obtained his gun license. Authorities say that just months before Crimo sponsored his son’s FOID card, Bobby twice attempted suicide and threatened to murder “everyone” in his home.

Final Words

This is everything we know about Robert Crimo III, the suspect in 4rth of July shooting in Highway Park, Illinois and the court case which is still subjudice.