Funky Town Gore Video – The Shocking Video That Defies Belief

Funky Town Gore Video

The Funky Town Cartel Gore video, a shocking 2-minute and 50-second clip, emerged around 2017. It appears to have been filmed by either a Mexican street gang or a Mexican drug cartel, as suggested by Screamer.

According to the same source, the video’s sinister moniker, “Funkytown,” likely derives from the song “Funky Town” by Lipps, Inc., playing in the background towards the end. The footage depicts the horrifying torture of an unidentified man at the hands of a cartel group linked to Funky Town.

In the distressing scenes, the man is shown lying helpless on the ground, his limbs bound and his hands brutally severed, while his face has been skinned and mutilated. The brutality escalates as his eyes are gouged out, and he writhes in agony within a pool of blood. To prolong his suffering, the Funky Town cartels had reportedly drugged the man beforehand.

Despite his nightmarish state, the man manages to free his arms, futilely attempting to reach his mutilated face. It’s important to note that he lacks a recognizable face, eyes, and hands.

As explained in online video accounts, one of the perpetrators is said to have slit the man’s throat using a knife and a box cutter, indicating intentions to behead him, according to Quora. Unfortunately, the final outcome is absent from the footage, leaving questions unanswered about whether the man survived or what became of him.

The Disturbing Story of the Funky Town Gore Video

The Funky Town gore video is quite disturbing and can be found on some websites. It’s not good that this video is out there, but it’s easy to find. Usually, people are not bothered by violent stuff on the internet because people have been hurting each other for a long time, and we all know there’s evil in the world. But what really got to me was when they showed the guy in a nightclub. They were putting drugs in the victim to keep him alive for longer.

The video doesn’t show how the torture started or how the guy died. So, we don’t really know how bad it was for him. The sound is really awful. You’d think he’d be too hurt to move because of all the blood he lost, but he’s still pushing and yelling in the video.

What’s even crazier is that nobody knows who the guy is. He might have been a small-time drug seller because if he was a big deal, people would probably recognize him.

Bottom Line

The Funky Town Cartel Gore video shocked viewers. It showed a brutal scene. People linked to the Funky Town cartel tortured an unidentified man. Despite efforts to uncover the victim’s identity and fate, many questions remain unanswered. The video is disturbing. It shows the ongoing brutality of some criminal groups. It also shows the quest for justice in the face of such horrors.

Some people claim to have seen a more extended version of Funkytown on the deep web, but there is no evidence to support this. The accents heard in the video suggest it may have been made in the Michoacán area.

Additionally, a similar video titled “Hi” was uploaded to Goretube by a user named UzeeeT, which raises the possibility that the same people behind FunkyTown are responsible for this new video. It is also possible that there are more murder videos out there filmed in the same disturbing room.