Paris Harvey Tragedy – Police Probe Continues after Initial Murder-Suicide Determination

Paris Harvey

Two young cousins were using Instagram Live to share a video from an apartment in St. Louis. Sadly, one of the cousins accidentally shot the other, leading to a terrible accident that ended their lives. The police are investigating what happened, and it has left the family feeling devastated.

A Tragic Loss: Paris Harvey and Her Cousin Kuaron Harvey

The St. Louis Police Department received a report in the early hours of Friday, March 25, 2022, about an incident at Spruce Street’s 1000 block, involving two young cousins. It has been confirmed that 12-year-old Paris Harvey and 14-year-old Kuaron Harvey, both residents of St. Louis, were involved.  Tragically, Kuaron Harvey was fatally shot by Paris Harvey before she took her own life.

The family is devastated by this incident, and an inquiry is presently being conducted. The authorities have been using every resource at their disposal to obtain precise information and manage the case in a proper manner as they diligently investigate the circumstances behind the unfortunate tragedy. The tragic passing of Paris and Kuaron Harvey on March 25, 2022, has left the community in mourning with their family. Even though this tragic tragedy happened almost a year ago, many people are still interested in it.

A Tragic Accident: Unintentional Gunfire Claims Lives of Paris and Kuaron

Shanise Harvey, the mother of Paris revealed in an interview that she had no knowledge of who owned the gun or how her daughter came across it. According to Harvey, the cousins were recording a video when Paris began playing with the gun, which unexpectedly discharged and struck Kuaron, 14. In a subsequent attempt to pick up the firearm by the barrel, it once again fired. Harvey firmly asserted that this incident was not a suicide but rather a shocking, unforeseen accident. Susan Dyson, the cousins’ grandmother, mentioned in an interview with the St. Louis Dispatch that she had witnessed the shooting unfold through the Instagram Live video.

In order to make it clear that the kids were acting inappropriately by playing with the gun, Dyson emphasized that there had been no fight or disagreement before to the incident. She emphasized that it was never their plan and that she thought the gun inadvertently went off. Family members recalled Paris as a humorous seventh-grader who enjoyed getting her nails and hair done and had a lovely singing voice. Eighth grader Kuaron was characterized as a fun person who could pull off a backflip with ease and made everyone around him grin. To help the family, two GoFundMe pages have been set up: one in honor of Kuaron and the other in remembrance of Paris.

Kuaron Gets Shot First, Followed by Paris

According to family members, Kuaron was shot initially. The video shows Paris trying to grab the gun afterward, and it’s possible that the gun went off again. In a report obtained by the Post-Dispatch, at 2:07 a.m., Paris and Kuaron were found unconscious and not breathing. Sadly, even with the arrival of police officers, both of them were pronounced dead at the scene.

Police Investigation

Initially, authorities were probing the incident as a deliberate act of murder-suicide, but fresh revelations suggest that it was an unintended misfortune. “It was no act of murder. It wasn’t a calculated suicide. It was an unforeseen accident. It simply happened,” affirmed Shinise Harvey, the 35-year-old mother of Paris, in an interview with CBS News. Close kin shared with the news outlet that Paris and Kuaron shared an inseparable bond as they grew up together.

They derived immense joy from crafting videos and engaging in amusing pranks, told their loved ones. On that ill-fated day, the two cousins found themselves alone in the bathroom, engrossed in their video-making antics. The family had rented an apartment to commemorate birthdays occurring in the month of March, according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. The incident unfolded at approximately 2 a.m. at the Cupples Station Loft Apartments, situated at South 10th and Spruce Streets. Susan Dyson, Paris’ grandmother hailing from Dallas, disclosed to CBS News that she was not in attendance at the gathering but had witnessed the video stream on Instagram Live.

Bottom Line

In a tragic accident, two young cousins lost their lives after one accidentally shot the other while playing with a gun during a video recording. The police investigation continues to gather accurate information surrounding the incident, leaving the devastated family and community mourning the loss.