Alexee Trevizo – New Mexico Teenager Accused of Baby Murder

Alexee Trevizo

Alexee Trevizo, a 19-year-old girl from Artesia, New Mexico, is facing serious charges. She is being accused of a serious crime – first-degree murder and tampering with evidence. It is said that on January 19, 2023, Alexee went into a hospital bathroom at Artesia General Hospital. She stayed there for about 19 minutes, gave birth to a baby boy, and then placed him in a bin.

The Mysterious Case of Alexee Trevizo

When hospital workers discovered Alexee Trevizo covered in blood, they were initially concerned about her well-being. However, their attention quickly turned to something far more tragic – a lifeless baby boy found in a bin nearby. This puzzled the staff because Alexee had previously insisted she wasn’t pregnant, citing regular periods and lack of sexual activity. But medical tests later confirmed her pregnancy, leaving everyone confused.

Alexee’s classmates talked to the press and said she kept saying she wasn’t pregnant and that her weight gain was from birth control pills. When people at Artesia High School found out about a dead baby, some thought it was Alexee’s. A few weeks later, Alexee and her boyfriend Devyn went back to school and acted like nothing had happened. Nobody knew the truth behind their absence, and no one dared ask.

Despite the shocking events, a photo captured Alexee Trevizo smiling at her prom several months later.

The photographer, Melody Smith, who took pictures of Trevizo at the prom, said that the young couple seemed really happy to be there. But something dark hangs over those pictures because, just a few weeks later, Trevizo was arrested and charged with murder. Her behavior at the prom was completely different from the seriousness of what she was accused of.

On May 10, Alexee was charged with the murder of her baby boy and tampering with evidence, marking the continuation of a baffling case that has left many searching for answers.

Alexee Trevizo Baby

News reports indicate that Alexee Trevizo has been charged with the heartbreaking crime of causing harm to her own child, leaving many shocked and seeking further details about this distressing case.

The newborn baby’s untimely passing, allegedly due to suffocation, has sparked investigations and discussions to uncover more about the events leading up to this heartbreaking incident. Through the examination of CCTV footage, crucial information has emerged, shedding light on the tragic event and the circumstances surrounding the baby’s devastating demise.

Who is the Father of Alexee Trevizo Baby?

Even though Devyn Fierro has confirmed that he is the baby’s father, questions remain about how much he knew about the pregnancy. The tragic outcome, with the baby’s suffocation, adds to the mystery surrounding the incident. The postmortem reports indicate that there were no physical problems at birth, which raises more questions about what happened leading up to this heartbreak.

Toxicology Report 

It is being reported that Alexee Trevizo took phentermine,  which is meant to help people who struggle with being overweight. The Mayo Clinic says it’s a prescription medicine that lessens appetite. However, it’s not safe for pregnant women. It’s not clear when Trevizo took the drug or if it was prescribed to her.

The toxicology report also showed that she had morphine in her system. She had received this drug in the hospital for an hour before going to the bathroom where she gave birth. The report says that both the morphine and the phentermine were found in the baby’s system too, likely because Trevizo had taken them.

These substances didn’t directly cause the baby’s death, but the autopsy report says that the baby died because of entrapment, and it was considered a homicide.

Trevizo went to the hospital because she had severe back pain and the medical staff realized she was pregnant. However, they did not inform her of the test results. She stayed in the bathroom for 20 minutes until the staff threatened to open the door. During that time, a cleaning person was called to clean up the blood in the restroom. They found a suspicious bag in the trash can that turned out to contain the baby.

When confronted with this, Trevizo claimed that the baby was stillborn, meaning it was born without signs of life. She was allowed to leave the hospital and continue with her school until the autopsy report came back with evidence that the baby had breathed air into its lungs and had bleeding consistent with a lack of oxygen. This contradicted Trevizo’s claim that the baby wasn’t breathing.

Later, Trevizo was arrested and charged with first-degree murder. Prosecutors tried to keep her in jail until her trial, but the judge decided to release her. She even went to prom and planned to graduate from high school, but the school asked her not to attend the ceremony.

Now, it’s believed that Trevizo is in Texas with her grandparents for the summer until her trial begins next year. Her lawyer states that she is not guilty of any accusations and was unaware of her pregnancy until she went into labor at the hospital.

The Verdict

Alexee Trezio’s trial is currently pending, and as of now, the jury has not reached a verdict regarding her guilt or innocence. The trial is scheduled to commence on October 2.