Virtual Parties take up the Storm! Learn How you can Organize one for your own or Loved Ones!

virtual party

The world is undeniably going through a dark phase. Covid-19 has changed the way we live our lives. Masks, sanitizers, and social-distancing are our only weapons against this deadly pandemic. Hence, we must stay in our homes until this pandemic is over for everyone’s sake!

Because of this pandemic, people can no longer organize significant events and parties. But this doesn’t mean that we cannot celebrate our special days and have the time of our lives! Wondering how? Well, the answer is ‘Virtual Parties’! Amidst these challenging times, a virtual party can prove to be our refuge from the harsh reality.

A virtual party is a video call gathering to celebrate our special moments. We can also connect with our friends, family members, and loved ones living across continents through video calls. But a virtual party doesn’t have to be all about looking at each other’s faces and chit-chatting! A virtual party can be so much more than that! To brighten up your day, we present you with a remarkable virtual party idea! A virtual escape room game!

Escape rooms are 60 minutes of real-time adventures where the contenders are locked in a room, and they have to escape the room to win. Usually, the games are based on an incredible story that weaves the puzzles and quizzes together. The players need to demystify all the dilemmas to unravel the mystery. If you can do that, you are a winner! The escape rooms come in a range of themes. From horror-escape rooms to murder mysteries, you will find every genre! So, no matter what age group you belong to or what interests you have, you will surely find an escape room worth your time and money!

A mesmerizing game that makes everyone work and enjoy together? Sounds impossible, right? Well, it is possible; escape; escape room does just that! Escape rooms are a game for teams. Usually, 8-10 players can play in an escape room together. Also, the puzzles in the room require teamwork, which makes it an ideal choice for a virtual birthday party. Escape rooms are also very immersive. Therefore. Therefore, they will keep every person engaged.

Virtual escape rooms have made things a lot easier. All you need to do is download zoom or Skype and have fun right from the comforts of your home.

All the virtual escape rooms have a volunteer or game guide who solves the mystery on your behalf. These virtual games require you to guide the volunteer to do every little thing. From moving their head to turning around, your instruction will be their command. The volunteer will follow everything that you say. Undeniably, the chance

of winning and losing still depends on your adept skills because you will be using your wits and not the volunteer! The volunteer will guide you via a camera, enabling you to have a full-on experience of real-time adventure.

You can find out how you can organize a virtual birthday party or virtual escape game party in the list below and what all you need to do!

  • Prepare the list of invitees to this online extravaganza: Pen down the names of your dear and near ones with whom you would like to celebrate your favorite day. Remember to create a creative poster and message/mail it to them through an app. You can even call them personally and invite them to the virtual party!
  • Choose your favorite theme: Escape games offer a wide variety of genres. If you are a horror-lover, crazy mystery-solver, or a sucker for sci-fi, escape rooms would definitely have something in store for you. A game of the genre that you love will indeed be a thrilling experience for you!
  • Advanced booking: After confirming the availability of a time slot, book the game first. Also, don’t forget to inquire about special packages and deals that the company might offer for birthdays, and who knows, and you might end up saving a lot!
  • Inform friends about the platform where the game is organized: The escape room company will tell you before-hand about the app where the game will be held. Download that app makes sure that your friends have downloaded it too! Also, don’t forget to inform them about the time of the game.
  • Introduce your friends to the concept: Some of your buddies might be unfamiliar with this modern game known as an escape room. Introduce them with the whole concept, provide them with clear instructions, brief them about the theme as well, and excite them to give their one hundred percent! Make sure that they enjoy the experience too.
  • Plan your strategy: – Devise a foolproof plan. Communicate well and assign specific tasks to some friends, and brainstorm ideas to win this rigorous challenge!

After you have enjoyed 60-minutes of adventure while playing an escape room, stay connected on the call. If you want, after the game you can do the following activities:

The age-old Truth and Dare never goes out of fashion. Dare your friends to do crazy stuff and enjoy looking at them while they make a fool of themselves or ask them to speak the truth and spill some beans!

You can also play online games like Pictionary and dumb-charades for a classic end to the party, or you can even watch a good movie together.

And finally, have a wholesome chat session with each other. Reshare old stories of what led to your friendship, make comments on others, and have fun pulling each other’s legs and reminisce the good old days.

Final words:

We hope that you do not host big birthday bashes that risks everyone’s health. We also hope that you follow the social distancing measures as they are vital for our health and safety. You can still relish your special day by celebrating your special day in an entirely different style and enjoying an awesome virtual birthday party! Who knows, you might end up admiring this virtual party more than a traditional one!