7 Virtual Birthday Party ideas for Kids

7 virtual birthday party ideas for kids

Covid-19 has changed the way we see everything around us and how we live our lives. In today’s world, a physical touch that was once considered a way to show your love and affection is now considered almost deadly. People are trying to stay inside of the house as much as they came. Social-distancing has become the need of the hour. Due to the ongoing scenario, people’s mental health has been affected adversely. What people need right now is a refugee from reality. More than us, children need a break from the harsh truth.   

We know that pandemic has affected everything. But we won’t let it take away the smiles from our children’s faces and ruin their birthday as well. What can we do that would prove to be a great birthday party idea but would not require us to leave our homes? We can plan something that will bring smiles to our kids’ faces and not put them in danger!   

Yes, you guessed it right! We are talking about virtual birthday parties!   

Here is a list of virtual birthday party ideas to celebrate your birthday in a non-conventional yet fun manner:  

1. Playing a virtual Escape Room:

Topping our list is the perfect virtual birthday party idea! An escape room! Escape rooms are a 60-minute real-time adventure game wherein the players are locked in a room and escape. The game is built on a storyline, and the puzzles and quizzes in the room are based on that. The players need to crack all the codes and solve the mystery to win the game. These games are always played in a team. It makes them perfect for playing with friends and family. They are so very immersive and interactive. Both these things combined make them ideal for a birthday party celebration. Virtual escape rooms are the same as traditional escape the rooms.

They can be played via group video calls on platforms like zoom or skype. You will be able to see the room and the other players on your screen. You will have a game-guide or volunteer in the room whose job is to follow all your commands. That game-guide will solve the quizzes and unravel the mystery on your behalf. Since the volunteer follows all your orders, the chances of winning or losing still depend on your escape skills. So what are you waiting for? Send a virtual invite to all your friends and play this adventure-filled game with them!  

2. Have a Facebook pop-up party

If you don’t know what a Facebook pop party is, then let us help you out! A pop-up is a Facebook group with a specific topic that is only live and active for a set amount of time. You can organize an Fb pop-up party with all your friends. Go on a live-stream together and let all the kids post pictures and videos on the group. Have a fantastic time interacting with each other virtually!  

3. Host an online movie-night

A movie marathon is one of the best ways to celebrate your birthday night. If you are a movie-lover, then lying on the bed, eating popcorn, and watching movies is heaven equivalent. Watching movies of the genre that your child loves will be something he/she will thoroughly enjoy. Here are some of the best movie series suggestions for your child to watch with the family- the Lord of the Rings series, Harry Potter series, Movies from Marvel Cinematic Universe, Jurassic Park series, or Indiana Jones series. So, whatever is the genre you love, there are numerous options available. 

Your child can also watch these movies with his/her friends. It can be done via a streaming platform like Netflix Party. Platforms like these allow people to interact with each other, along with watching a movie. A perfect two-in-one combo! 

4. Host a group video call:

This is the most basic out of all the ideas, but we cannot deny its importance. Your child will be missing their family and friends on their birthday. Although they cannot meet their friends physically, meeting them, on-screen doesn’t sound like an evil plan. So, host a zoom call and meet the people you love virtually.   

5. Virtual video-message:

A very wholesome way to celebrate your kid’s birthday is to make him/her realize how special he/she is. Ask all your child’s friends to record a video message for them, telling them how important they are in their friend’s lives. Also, ask them to send birthday wishes and all the love and happiness their way. Believe us, your child will feel super unique, and this will light up their whole day!  

6. Host a virtual lunch party:

Another fantastic way to celebrate your virtual party is organizing a virtual lunch. Host a group video call, set your phone, and enjoy a virtual, warm meal with your friends. While eating, you can interact with your friends and discuss stories and memories.

Another amazing thing that you can do is cook a meal or bake a cake from scratch along with your friends on the video call. You would relish the taste of the food even more because you made it yourself and put your hard work and love into it.  

 7. Virtual game-night:

A virtual game-night can be a fun way to celebrate a birthday. You can play an online game with your friends. The age-old famous game ‘truth and dare’ can also be played virtually. Watch your friends spill some secrets or do some funny dares all through your screens. You can even play Dumb charades, Pictionary, never have I ever, and two truths and a lie. After you are done playing games, you can finish the day off with Karaoke sessions!     


These were a few ways in which your child can celebrate your birthday in an utterly non-conventional manner! We hope you will not endanger people’s lives by throwing a big party amidst this pandemic. We are sure that this list’s ideas can prove to be an excellent alternative for a traditional party. We hope that your child enjoys his/her day altogether and make incredible memories!