6 Romantic Ways to Surprise Your Long-Distance Girlfriend


Long-distance relationships are a real test for your love. Will you be able to wait or your significant other even if it takes more than just a couple of months? Just because you’re far away from each other, that doesn’t mean that you don’t want your girlfriend happy.

Being in a long-distance relationship doesn’t mean that you have to stop being romantic. Even though you’re physically apart, you can still show affection through other ways. Here are 6 most romantic ways you can surprise your long-distance girlfriend.

1. Online date nights 

Who says you can’t have date nights even if you’re not technically together? Thanks to modern technology and various video call apps, you can enjoy a lovely evening together and organise the perfect date night.

Surprise your girlfriend by setting an ideal mood for one of your online date nights. To keep the spark alive, and have a date night at least once a week. Light up some candles and play calming music while you talk to your significant other. Agree on a date and cook dinner together. The hardest part is when you have to say bye for now. However, you can even fall asleep together by keeping your phone next to your pillow as you drift to the land of dreams with your other half. 

2. Create a playlist for her


Who doesn’t love music? Most girls have appropriate songs for each situation. So, why don’t you create a custom playlist for her that will remind her of you and all the special moments you’ve got to spend together? 

When you think of her, what are the first songs that come to your mind? Create a playlist with romantic and love songs that will swoon her off her feet. Include some new music and artists she’s not familiar with to get to know you better. Keep in mind her music taste. Try to include the songs she will enjoy.

3. Surprise visit

If your girlfriend doesn’t live too far away, a surprise visit would definitely make her entire day better. Listen to her plans for the month carefully, and according to that plan your surprise visit. Is there something, in particular, you need to pay attention to?

Even though this is one of the most romantic ways to surprise your girl and make her happy, don’t forget that some people aren’t into surprise visits. So, if you’re planning one, make sure that your significant other is okay with that. Give her some hints and see how she reacts. If you get a positive reaction, pack your bags and go!

4. Cook together

Even if you’re not physically next to each other, who says that you can’t have a bake-off and try out some new recipes? Imagine enjoying tasty food with your significant other by your side. Even though she physically can’t be there, she can make and taste the same food as you are.

Surprise her by cooking romantic dinner recipes together. Put her on the video call and enjoy her company while both of you indulge in this cooking venture. You can also practice by yourself. So, when she comes over for a visit, you can surprise her with your newly obtained skill she will absolutely adore. 

5. Send her flowers

send flowers

One of the most romantic gestures you can do is gift your girlfriend flowers. Girls love getting flowers and bouquets from the guys they date because it makes them feel special and worthy. So, how can you give her flowers even though you rarely see each other?

You can order one of the most beautiful bouquets online. For example, if your girl lives in Melbourne and you’re in Sydney, you can contact professional florists from Melbourne that will create a unique and gorgeous flower hamper and deliver it to her in your name. Isn’t that the most romantic thing ever? That will definitely pleasantly surprise her and make her day.

6. Write love letters

Snail mail isn’t in the past. Imagine how fulfilled and excited your girl would feel if she received a beautifully written love letter from you. Wouldn’t that be the best surprise for your love bug?

Even though writing letters seems easy, when you sit in front of a blank paper for hours, you’ll see that it’s not. To write the perfect love letter for your other half, think about the way she makes you feel. You don’t have to be inspired by her to write down your deepest feelings. If your heart trembles and your stomach fills with butterflies just by thinking about her, make sure to let her know.


There are numerous ways in which you can surprise your long-distance girlfriend. Use your imagination and her character to create the perfect surprise she will remember for a long time. You’re “always together, never apart, maybe by distance but not by heart”! Cherish and celebrate your love.