6 ways to make Valentine’s Day more special


We all know that Valentine’s day is considered to be the best day to celebrate love. It’s not just in your country but all over the world. On this day everyone goes bananas as they want to show their partner how much they love them.

It’s not just a day, it’s a whole week of love. Before Valentine’s day, the whole week is celebrated such as propose day, rose day, teddy bear day and all these days are celebrated with a spark and its fun as the whole city goes red and all lovey-dovey.

Boys and girls do a lot of planning for this day in order to impress their loved one and we do agree that this day is without a doubt extremely important to couples as each of them expect a lot from each other on Valentine’s day and throughout  the week as well.

We know how much you want to impress your better half so in order to make your date night memorable and impressive we have a few ideas that might help you win their heart.

Have a spa day

You know what the best way to celebrate Valentine’s day is? Get a day full of relaxation and fun by booking yourself and your partner a spa day.

This is literally the best and idea and a very unique way to celebrate Valentine’s day together

Try it out yourself and be sure to thank us later.


Bonfire is a great idea when it comes to having a simple romantic night. All you got to do is get some drinks and marshmallows and snacks and just take your partner to a bonfire or you may just have your own little private bonfire

You know what’ll make it more happening? A movie. Yes. You may even set-up a movie scene and enjoy your night.


People say when you dance you express your love to the one you’re dancing with and it’s true. When we dance and twirl around with our man we’re the happiest. Take your girl to a romantic dancing area and spend the night dancing.

Ice skating

Go ice skating with your partner. This is definitely a romantic way of spending your night and there is no doubt in it.

Ice skating is fun and it gives you a chance to enjoy and spend lovely time together.

Ice skating over everything.

Valentine’s day tour

The most romantic way of spending Valentine’s day is to take a tour of the city. Specially the places that are serene, peaceful and beautiful.

This is the same as going for a long drive. It’s fun, you get to enjoy and click a whole lot of pictures and make more memories as well.

Dinner and movie night at home

If you want to keep things simple and serene the best way is to stay home and cook for your partner. This would not only impress your partner but will also give you some time for yourself.

Cook your partner’s favorite meal and plan for a romantic movie later with some popcorns.

To make things a little fancy you may make fancy drinks at home.

Here are a few ideas of drinks that you can make to impress your partner:

  • Love martini

This drink is extremely easy to make and is a simple cocktail mix but is very fancy when you dress it up a little.

Put it in a fancy cocktail glass and top it with strawberries and there you have it.

  • Romance caribeno

Another drink to jazz up your romantic night. This drink asks for easy and simple ingredients that you can find easily from wine stores near you.

It is a mix of rum and lemon juice. Yes! It’s that simple.

  • Rose and mint champagne

This is one fancy drink that would definitely impress your partner. This drink consists of dried roses, honey and mint. It’s easy to whip up and tastes great. You have our word.

  • Cocoa raspberry heaven

Ever heard of a cocktail infused with chocolate? This would definitely turn things around for you.

This drink includes a raspberry infused drink and chocolate which is topped with whipped cream and raspberry to make it fancy.

You can find the raspberry by looking for wine stores near me and get your ingredients delivered.

  • Rose lemon champagne punch

Make sure you make this drink for your partner because this is too good and there is no doubt in this. Mix this with sparkling wine and fruit juice. It is very easy to make.

  • Pom-berry bellini

This is the most elegant and easy to make drinks that you’ll come across. You can use nonalcoholic champagne to make this drink.

Do try these drinks out and impress your loved ones with these amazing mix cocktails. Happy Valentine’s day.