How to get maximum discounts while online shopping?

Online Shopping discounts

How to get maximum discounts while online shopping?


No matter how much money we have, we all love getting amazing discounts, offers, cashback, and other attractive deals while shopping online. Online shopping is more preferred than offline shopping these days.

It has many reasons, like saving time, energy, discounted products, etc. But the one setback we have while online shopping is that there is no provision for any negotiation on the price.

But who needs negotiation when you can avail of fantastic discounts, offers, and cashback and buy the product at a much lower price than you would have bought offline from a regular market shop?

Not just products, you can buy services also at great prices by booking for them online using various discount coupons and deals. 

So, let us read this article and learn how to get maximum online shopping discounts and discover card cashback.


  • Shop at the right time – 

Most people are so enthusiastic about shopping that they frequently buy products online. Now, even if you are a frequent online shopper, you must at least purchase at the right time.

To avail of maximum online shopping discounts, you must shop around the festive seasons or at the time of stock clearance sale. For example, if you buy a sweater around winter, it will be a bit expensive.

But if you buy a sweater in the months of May-June, most websites will let them go for a much lower price because they want to clear their old stock and refill new ones. This can be the perfect opportunity to get maximum product discounts while online shopping. 

  • Use Chrome extensions – 

Using good and useful google chrome extensions like Pocketbuddy and Honey can also help you save money while shopping online. These chrome extensions help you in selecting the best option for payment.

The preset algorithm of these money-saving apps does all the cross-website research of your product and suggests the best website to buy a particular product. This is a great way to save time and money.  You can enjoy amazing online shopping discounts using extensions. So, if you want to save money, you must try these. 

  • Social Media weapon – 

We all actively use social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. Apart from just using these social media platforms for general fun purposes, you can also use them to save money. Many online retailers do not sell their products on major e-commerce websites like Amazon or Flipkart. Rather, they independently sell their products using social media platforms by advertising. So, if you are tired of using the same old brands and products. you can try these websites, which run various social media platforms to buy new products. Also, to add to their customer base. these newly launched websites offer great discounts and cashback offers to customers who are way cheaper than the regular brands. Additionally, these websites offer great discounts to new customers. So, if you are a one-time buyer, try these websites. 

  • Stalk and buy –

Another advantage of using social media platforms is tracking your favorite brands on these sites. Many brands regularly release end-of-season sales and other discounts on their social media page. Also, if you follow your favorite brand on social media, you can stay up-to-date with their newly launched products. This way, you can stay aware of the latest products of your favorite brand. Another advantage is whenever a new product is launched, the price of the older versions decreases. This can be a great benefit for you as you can buy the older version products at a much lower price. Just assume an example of iPhones. Whenever a new iPhone or any other Apple gadget is released, the price of the older version drops immediately. You can take advantage of this opportunity and buy the product at a cheaper price.


  • Using different cards for payment – 

Using the same old payment method will not benefit you. In fact, if you always opt for cash-on-delivery, some websites may charge you additionally for it. So, to avail of maximum benefits and discounts, you must change your payment methods. Many banks offer handsome discounts on using their credit and debit cards. Apart from this, many online payment apps like Google pay, apply pay, and PayTM give additional discounts and cashback if you choose to pay using these apps. Many websites also offer their own payment methods, like Amazon pay that allows additional discounts and cashback to their customers. All these can help you save money while shopping online. 

  • Check price comparison sites, set price alerts

CompareRaja, MySmartPrice, and Smartprix are some of the price comparison websites and mobile apps that allow you to compare and zero in on the cheapest rates, some in real-time. This means that even as you shop for a product, the lowest price will pop up, and you can select it. There are sites for comparing specific products or services, such as mobile phones, hotels, and electronic gadgets. Some of these services also provide price alerts, informing you of price drops as they occur via email or push notifications on websites. BuyHatke, for example, provides product price history so that you may choose the most advantageous moment to purchase.



Thus, it can be effectively concluded that there are several ways to save money while shopping and avail of the best online shopping experience by discovering and unlocking great deals, discounts, and offers across various websites. Usually, scrolling across multiple websites and buying from various dealers will help you save more money rather than sticking with the old and regular websites that no longer offer discounts. However, many big e-commerce retail websites like Amazon and Flipkart add regularly to their discounts to maintain their huge clientele. So, if you are a shopping enthusiast and love buying products online, you must know how to get maximum discount.