What is Lifestyle Photography and How to Capture moments

Lifestyle Photography

Lifestyle photography is a type of portrait photography that takes pictures of people in their everyday lives, but in a way that looks artistic. It involves capturing people’s stories through candid, unstaged scenes. Lifestyle photography aims for authenticity, so it avoids posed portraits, added props, carefully placed artificial lighting, or studio photoshoots.


Lifestyle photography isn’t just for families, although it works great for them! It’s a way to take any picture of people and make it look more artistic and interesting. It’s different from candid photos because the photographer helps set up the scene a bit, instead of just capturing random moments.

Ready to capture some heartwarming stories with this style? Here are 10 tips to get you started!

10 Tips For Lifestyle Photography

Find the Perfect Light

Natural light is your best friend in lifestyle photography. Look for soft, diffused light during mornings or evenings. Avoid harsh midday sun which creates unflattering shadows. Play with window light for cozy interiors or dappled sunlight for outdoor adventures. For outdoor adventures, dappled sunlight peeking through trees adds a touch of magic.

It creates interesting patterns on skin and clothing, while illuminating your subjects with a natural, playful light. Embrace these little pockets of sunshine as they add depth and dimension to your photos. By understanding how natural light works, you can transform your lifestyle photography and capture the beauty and emotion of everyday moments. So, ditch the flash and embrace the power of the sun!

Capture Candid Moments

Lifestyle photography isn’t about stiff poses and forced smiles. It’s about capturing the essence of life – the laughter, the tears, the real connections between people.

So, ditch the pre-determined poses and embrace the beauty of candid moments. Instead, become a fly on the wall, observing and documenting your subjects as they interact naturally.

Spark genuine conversations, play games, or simply let them go about their day. Watch for moments of joy, surprise, or connection – these fleeting expressions hold the magic of storytelling. Capture a child’s giggle as they chase a butterfly, a couple’s loving embrace as they share a quiet moment, or the playful banter between friends.

Choosing the Right Backdrop

Forget plain backdrops and boring studios! In lifestyle photography, the environment itself becomes a character, adding context and depth to your story. Instead, think about using everyday locations that tell something about your subjects and the moment you’re capturing.

Imagine a steaming cup of coffee and a worn paperback on a cozy cafe table – the perfect backdrop for a friend catching up. Or picture a sun-drenched park with children chasing pigeons – an ideal setting for capturing the joy of childhood. Even their own home can be a powerful backdrop, showcasing their personal style and the comfort of familiar surroundings.

The key is to choose a location that complements your subjects and doesn’t overpower them. A busy street scene might be distracting for a family portrait, while a minimalist living room could lack personality for a group of friends having a game night.

Look for environments that naturally frame your subjects and add visual interest. A winding staircase can lead the viewer’s eye into the scene, while a bookshelf filled with colorful novels can add a touch of personality. Don’t be afraid to get creative! Use doorways, windows, or even hanging plants to create a natural frame and draw attention to your subjects.

Tell a Story with Your Photos

Go beyond a simple snapshot. Capture a sequence of moments or focus on details that reveal a bigger narrative. What’s the activity? What emotions are at play? Use your photos to evoke a feeling or tell a mini-story.

Looking Lifestyle Photos

Ditch stiff poses! Guide your subjects gently, but prioritize natural interactions. Encourage them to walk, talk, or engage in their usual activities. Aim for relaxed smiles and authentic expressions.

The Beauty of Real Life

Don’t shy away from imperfections! A spilled drink, a stray hair, or a child’s messy face can add authenticity and charm. These imperfections capture the essence of real life and make your photos relatable.

Capturing Kids in Their World

Get down to their level! Photograph children playing, exploring, or interacting with their environment. Capture their curiosity, energy, and unique perspective on the world.

Details Matter

Look for the little things! A cup of coffee with a book, a worn pair of sneakers, or a child’s favorite toy can add depth and detail to your story. These elements personalize your photos and reveal hidden narratives.

Creating Intimacy in Your Photos

Get close! This doesn’t always mean physically close, but using selective focus or zooming in can create a sense of intimacy. Capture genuine expressions, tender moments, and the connection between your subjects.

Sharpen Your Skills with Everyday Moments

Unlike most types of photography, look for opportunities to capture lifestyle moments in your daily life. Whether it’s your family, friends, or even yourself going about the day, the more you practice, the more comfortable you’ll become at capturing genuine and artistic photos.