Magical Wedding Moments

wedding moments

When a soul craves life bigger than itself, it craves another soul in reality and “combined” they become one soul-soothing one another.

The moments of this extra-terrestrial activity happen on our planet and the radiance of joy it creates, spreads across the whole wide world.

Precious is this festival of color and happiness which brings along many people into one entity, which becomes the “Family”. The love and care for each other will always now be in the air and this is the moment when strangers become friends and relatives.

The journey of this festival begins when bride and her family get together at “Mehndi” and the bride becomes the doll of her loved-ones as they prepare her for the big day ahead. This day is very memorable for the bride and her family, as to how she was loved at her parents’ home and how it was the last memory of being at the place where she grew up.

We at Plumweddings take care of these emotions coming from Bride and her family from the beginning at the mehndi event and capture all possible moments of love & care. As the friends and relatives pour love at the bride.

“Baraat” is where the show begins, which is next to mehndi event. This is where bride and groom come together for the first time in front of everyone. The bride arrives like a princess where the family of groom is waiting for her with family.

At the arrival of bride after welcoming everyone, the groom family then celebrate the phenomenon of two souls becoming one and the “Nikah” takes place. Now the party has started and everyone splashes happiness from their body and heart and at the dance floor the competition between groom and bride dancers begins. Entertaining the whole crowd specially the groom and the bride. We won’t let one moment pass without capturing it in dramatic and emotional way.

The “Rukhsati” at the baraat event is very special and low moment for bride and her family, but of course we know that it’s the beginning of a new journey for two people who will become one the next day.

Now it’s time for “Walima” the celebration and festivity for the groom’s family. The flowers have blossomed and the two people have become one. The smiles and happiness on the faces of bride and groom is ray of light for everyone to see.

The friends and family of both bride and groom again get together in this event of completeness and on this noble day of matrimony which combine many people into oneness. Young boys and girls dance all day or night long in happiness. The old and mature get along to understand each other more deeply. Kids play and state that from now on we are together, no matter what comes in our way. This is the day of promises to be held together until the last breath.

plum weddings
plum weddings

We know how to engage people in this beautiful carnival and with our composure we make a complete film that doesn’t look like ordinary or conventional wedding coverage.

We capture precious moments and valuable people in your life on these events so that you could shine more and keep these memories of eternal bonding to the archive of your “Best Moments”.

You will get (Customized)

  • A Highlight Video
  • Mehndi, Baraat, Walimaa (Thematic Films)
  • Photo Album (Treated & Beautified)

And more than that you will get an experience never seen or felt before because we do magic. All this love and care from our side will make you feel like you have achieved something very amazing and mostly unreal.