Ways to decorate the learning corner for children

Decorate the learning corner

Decorating a beautiful, smart and appropriate study corner is one of the factors that help children become interested in learning. Decorate the learning corner depending on the age and gender of the child, parents should decorate the child’s desk according to different concepts.

If you still don’t have an idea to decorate and decorate a beautiful and appropriate study corner for your baby, please refer to the following article immediately.

The important role of the Learning Corner

Currently, in addition to formal learning at school, children also have to spend a lot of time studying at home. Therefore, feeling pressured and bored with school is common in children. Therefore, arranging and decorating a suitable learning corner for children is considered an effective way to help children get more inspired to learn.

In addition, arranging a neat and tidy study corner will make the surrounding space airy, helping children feel more comfortable and focused. From there, it will help increase your child’s learning efficiency and productivity significantly.

1. Decorate the learning corner by age

Besides arranging the learning corner of the children scientifically and neatly, parents need to decorate the learning corner according to the concept suitable for each age group. Because the way children perceive and absorb at each age is completely different. Here are some suggestions on how to decorate a beautiful learning corner according to the appropriate age for children.

1.1. Decorating a learning corner for children from 3-10 years old

Children between the ages of 3 and 10 are still quite innocent, their perception of the world around them is relatively simple. Children at this age often love funny cartoon characters or colorful objects. Therefore, parents should choose a new and colorful concept to decorate the learning corner for children. This will help your child feel more interested and inspired in learning.

1.2. Decorating a learning corner for children from 11 years old

From the age of 11 and up, your baby has begun to have more mature thoughts. At this age, children also begin to learn to have their own interests or want to assert themselves with people around them. Therefore, the decoration of the learning corner for children should only focus on simplicity, modernity, and convenience. This will help children focus on learning more, less distracted by other factors around them.

2. Decorate the study corner by gender

Parents should also be able to choose the appropriate decoration concept based on the baby’s gender and preferences. Here are some beautiful and appropriate ways to arrange, decorate and decorate the gender-specific study corner that parents can refer to.

2.1. Learning corner for girls

Girls tend to like princess characters and small, cute items. Therefore, parents should decorate their child’s learning corner with colors such as pink, cream, white… that will make them feel more excited.

In addition, girls often develop thinking earlier than boys. Therefore, the design and layout of a beautiful and functional study corner will help your child have a space for better learning and intellectual development.

2.2. Learning corner for boys

Contrary to the personality of girls, boys often like cartoon characters, powerful toys such as planes, tanks, superheroes, pokemon… Therefore, parents can decorate a Simple learning corner following these concepts.

In addition, boys are often more active, so a lively study corner will attract and help children increase their efficiency in learning. Therefore, parents can use more bookshelves or wall shelves, creating a spacious and airy study space.

3. Notes when decorating the study corner for children

Ensure adequate lighting

Ensuring adequate light both natural light and school light is a very important thing to help protect eyes, avoid problems affecting children’s eyesight.

Parents should arrange the children’s study corner next to the window, airy and with lots of natural light. Besides, parents should choose to buy a study table lamp with good light for the eyes, both to protect health and to help decorate the study corner more prominently.

Use the colors

Choosing colors to decorate the study corner also greatly affects the spirit of children. Dark colors will make children feel afraid and have no interest in learning. Therefore, you should choose vivid and bright colors that will make the learning space more attractive and stimulate the absorption of the baby’s brain better.

Keep the space neat and tidy

Teaching children to keep their study corner neat and tidy from an early age is a very good thing. This is a lifestyle that should be formed in children from a young age. This will make the study space more spacious, helping to improve learning efficiency. Besides, you can decorate a simple study corner with a bookshelf, helping children to arrange books more logically and scientifically.

Above are ideas and ways to decorate a beautiful study corner for children according to the age and gender trends of 2021. Hopefully, after reading this article, you will quickly find a way to decorate a simple study corner suitable for children. with your baby, help your baby learn and develop in the best way.