Basic concepts of Stroller purchase guide


The stroller is one of the most important items you will buy for your baby. And as the baby grows, you may need to buy one or more strollers. Many parents buy a traditional stroller for everyday use and an easier one for travel. You may even want a more robust stroller for jogging or simply to tackle uneven sidewalks.

Basic concepts of Stroller

There are dozens of stroller options on the market, from light umbrella strollers to heavy strollers, medium strollers, prams, jogging strollers and models designed to carry two or more children. For a newborn, you can find frames (bases) on which almost any baby car seat can be mounted. Or you can consider a fully folding stroller with holes for the feet, so that the child does not slip and is stuck in the chair.

Another option is a travel system, which consists of a child car seat, a base for the car basket that is mounted in the car and a stroller. Some jogging strollers are sold as travel systems, and other strollers function as travel systems, allowing you to attach a child car seat.

When babies reach 6 months or can stand upright and control their head and neck movements, you can only use the stroller, without the car seat. The bad part is that until then, you will push the baby in a stroller, plus a car seat, which can be difficult to push.

A final option is a combo stroller (3 in 1), which works as a pram and stroller.

This stroller is a hybrid composed of a wheelchair chassis, on which different car baskets can be mounted. It also includes a removable pram so that the newborn can lie in a horizontal position and a removable stroller that can be used when the baby can sit upright.

Today, manufacturers offer strollers with a more modern look, and with more color and texture options (such as breathable materials, warmer materials, etc.). The strollers also have several features and features to increase comfort, such as sunshades, telescopic handles, swivel wheels and with locking device, can be reversible, folding with one hand or the ability to fold completely.

There are also several light and portable strollers on the market, as well as strollers compatible with car seats. Strollers and joggers are also becoming more popular, allowing parents to train while going out with their child.
The options can be dizzying. Use our guide to find out which stroller is right for you and your baby.

Choose it yourself

Strollers are popular gifts for new parents. However, you should look for the right stroller yourself, and then book it at a store and then receive it as a gift. Strollers, like cars, are extremely personal things. You will probably use the stroller often, and your child will spend a lot of time in it. You must fully like the stroller you choose.

Let your lifestyle be your guide

Urban dwellers who depend on the subway, buses, taxis will need a light but robust stroller that folds quickly and is compact. A stroller with large, inflatable wheels is recommended if you go for long walks and your vehicle is large enough for it. In addition to mitigating shocks better, these strollers usually have larger seats, which provide more support. If you walk in the snow, or on unpaved roads or grass, a model with big wheels is the right way. Under these conditions, a wheelbarrow with small wheels may be difficult or impossible to push. If you do sports, you may want a trolley or jogging cart for walking or running.

Don’t just go for the price

As you will find out when you go shopping, there is a wide range of prices, types and brands. Why does a stroller cost 300 lei and another 2500 lei? More things lead to a higher price.

More expensive strollers are usually made of quality materials, aluminum frames and are easier to put in or take out of the car, train or bus.

The seat is roomy, with a larger backrest, and is probably made of high quality material. And because they often have large, shock-absorbing wheels, more expensive strollers are usually easier to push and offer a smooth ride for children.

The higher quality ones also have features, such as adjustable handles, which can relieve you of back pain if you are tall, and a reversible seat so your child can sit with his face or back facing you. They are usually strong enough that they can be used for other children afterward.

But that doesn’t mean a cheap stroller won’t satisfy you. It depends a lot on where and how much you will use this stroller. For rare trips or trips to the mall, a cheap umbrella stroller (approx. 300 lei) could be all you need. But if you plan to walk more often and in all sorts of conditions or in bad weather you need to consider a larger budget. Good quality traditional strollers start at about 700.

That being said, a higher price does not always mean better quality. Tests have shown that some economy class strollers can behave as well or better than models costing thousands of lei. Even the most sophisticated models can have defects typical of trolleys: malfunctioning wheels, deformed frames, defective locking mechanisms, loose seat belts or broken buckles.

Do a test drive

Try the models that attract you through the store, even if you plan to buy online. Compare maneuverability and try to close and open it, with one hand as well as with two. See how easy it is to adjust the backrest, pick up the stroller and go with it through the store, and apply the rear brake. Make sure you don’t bend over when you push the stroller and that your feet don’t hit the wheels as you walk.

If you and your spouse use the stroller, you should both try it. Some models have adjustable handles, an important feature if one parent is taller than the other. If possible, check that it fits in the trunk of the car. Also, gently shake the stroller. The frame should feel solid, not weak.

Consider the age of your baby

Newborns can’t sit up, so they need a stroller that allows them to lie on their backs for the first few months, or one that can be used with a baby stroller. Do not use a traditional stroller that does not fully stretch or an umbrella type, until the baby can sit up, usually at about 6 months.

If you have bought a stroller that folds down completely, make sure that the walls surround the retention space on all sides. In addition, use the foot cover to keep the baby from slipping out of the stroller.
Some models that extend the seat and back at the same time (keeping the baby in a “seated” position) are recommended for babies from birth to 6 months. It is essential that the 5-point seat belt be used, especially in this case.

Check the certification

Somewhere on the stroller frame or on the packaging, there should be a certification sticker that shows that it meets the requirements of European standards. The tests are for the restraint system, brakes, footholes and locking mechanisms that prevent accidental bending, as well as for stability and lack of sharp edges.

Warranty Assessment and Return Policy

Most importers offer warranties for manufacturing defects or hidden defects, but not for misuse. Keep the original packaging of the stroller exactly as it was delivered to you and ask about the store’s return policy (usually 2 days for classic stores and 10 days for online stores). If you ordered online and the product is not what you wanted and want to return it, do not use it outside so that the use of wheels is known. Also, keep the purchase document (invoice and/or fiscal receipt) and the guarantee certificate. Without them, your return or repair may be denied.

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