Common Mistakes People made After a Car Accident

Car Accident

There were studies that conducted around 75 percent of the drivers are supposed to be overconfident in their driving. And also some of them stated that they are much better drivers than the other. Yet, this survey was a true picture in which overconfident drivers had experienced more car accidents in California, instead of those who are under-confident in their driving skills. 

If we eliminate the above information there are around 70 percent of people in an ER that has been injured in a road collision. Still, people tend to make some silly mistakes after encountering a car accident. If you are someone who is hurt brutally in the process of a road mishap, then you should definitely hire a car accident attorney in California to avoid dealing with the at-fault driver’s insurance company by yourself.

Moving on, there are several mistakes people make in the absence of an attorney in California. Some of them are mention below to evaluate the consequences one gets to suffer by being negligent about it. 

Not Getting a Medical Check-Up Instantly – 

If you are a victim of a car accident make sure to seek medical help at first. Even though your gut feeling tells you not to. Please always seek medical attention first. It is necessary because many of the severe long term injuries are a result of internal damages that were not checked at the time of the accident.
Plus, your medical records will be strong evidence to know the degree and intensity of the injury. In fact, it will be a persistent part of your documentation against the opposing party. If you did visit the emergency room after two days or a week, the opposing side can claim and argue that the injury has been taken place from something else. 

The Taped Statement – 

Shortly after the accident, there would be someone from the opposing party asking you to record your statement. At first, they will say that the recorded statement is beneficial for you, but it will be just manipulation in order to win a case. The opposing party will be asking you questions in a diplomatic manner so that it can be twisted and altered according to their own needs. Therefore avoid giving a recorded statement, until and unless you are not in your complete senses. 

Accept a Poor Proposal – 

There are some scenarios in which the opposing party is completely to blame. At first, they will show a humongous amount of concern regarding each and everything. Then they will sugarcoat you with a proposal that is fairly low and does not justify the damage that you have experienced in the car collision. Here, hiring a car accident attorney in California will not only provide the benefit of having a fair and square amount of the accident but will also help you to have paid bills as well. 

Subsiding Too Quickly – 

As of now, you are aware of what is happening around your surroundings after the road accident. Be alert of how man damage has been done to you and your belongings. The Insurance company will come and trynna settle before you get proper treatment, to avoid any further payments. Or they will be too quick to make a final offer so that they do not have to take care of any future expenses ahead. So just keep a check not to get trap in any of these pitfalls by the opposing party.