Can You Settle a Car Accident Claim Without a Lawyer

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In most of the car accidents, it is not considered to be a smart move to handle the claim and expenses without legal representation. However, if the injuries and damage to your car are minimal, you don’t need to spend any extra pounds on hiring a lawyer. Minor accident claims UK can be handled without a lawyer if only you know how to deal with the situation timely. No doubt that you fail to make sense of things as soon as you face a car crash, but with instant action, you can get your claim without any hassle. We are here to help you out with the claim settlement of a car accident without hiring a solicitor.

The Initial Steps To Take

Minor accident claim settlements highly depend on the adjuster or the person at fault. If you want to settle the claim without a law attorney, make sure you have all the evidence. You need to take immediate action for getting the information needed. Following are the initial steps to take right after a car crash:

  1. Check yourself or the other passengers of your car for any injury.
  2. Call 911 for immediate treatment and first-aid.
  3. Before calling the police, note down the number of the other car. Get all his contact information and insurance details.
  4. Look for people around as witnesses. Ask them to write what they saw and keep it as a record.
  5. Cooperate with the police and paramedics.
  6. Provide the investigating officer with all the details of the crash.

Once you have taken all the initial measures properly, claiming for your car crash will become easier and guaranteed.

How Can You Settle The Claim Without A Lawyer

Following are the steps to take when filing for a car crash claim without a lawyer by your side:

Be Patient

You will contact the adjuster with your demand after which, he will try to negotiate the compensation. You have to stay calm and patient during the negotiation process because you will hear statements such as your demands being too high. The adjuster can try sweeping his way out by saying that he doesn’t have the authority to pay more than a limited amount. Do not fall for such games and stick to claim exactly according to the damage.

Keep The Medical Record Safe

From the ambulance that came on the accident spot to the last doctor, you saw for your injuries, contact everyone. Keep all the medical records, doctors’ fee, and other medical expenses. You can also get your doctor’s statement about the severity of your injuries at the time of the accident. This will create pressure on the adjuster to pay you as soon as you claimed for the compensation.

Get The Accidental Report

Go to the police station and meet the officer who filled your accident report form. Collect a copy of the form. The form will carry the causes, damages, security, and conclusion of the accident. The report will also mention who was at fault based on the witnesses’ statements. This can help you a great deal to get your claim paid right away.

Make Sure You Click The Pictures Of Damage

Click the pictures of your car as well as your injuries right at the time of the accident and keep them safe. The pictures work as proof of how badly your car was damaged due to the other person’s fault. This is a persuasive method to make the adjuster pay you. Otherwise, you always have the option to give all the evidence in court.