It’s a New Year – Clean Divorces Makes Finding a New Partner Simpler

Clean Divorce

Few things are as difficult as ending a marriage. When people get engaged, they anticipate a lifetime of happiness with their partner. Their friends and family are happy they each have a loving life-mate.It may be challenging for various reasons, but divorce can be the right decision. Nobody should spend their life with somebody who is the wrong fit. Sometimes, people can change dramatically, or perhaps they got married for the wrong reasons, which was only apparent after the wedding. Of course, domestic violence is a plague that nobody should endure in a marriage.

Whatever the reasons for the split, it’s best for the divorce to be swift and clean. Let’s check out how collaborative divorce lawyers help that happen.

Establish Calm Right Away

Even relatively amicable divorces are usually contentious. There’s usually some amount of friction, and often, there’s lots of it. Legal professionals valuing collaboration like Tailor Law family lawyers help establish a calm dialogue right from the start.

It’s not just their friendly, professional tone. They value the big picture and will grant the other party some genuine concessions where they make sense and if it helps their client resolve matters swiftly and satisfactorily.

If the couple divorcing has children, things get difficult, but that’s where collaborative lawyers can really help. They’ll emphasize what’s best for the children, knowing that that’s what their clients really want, too.

For example, if a child loves music and their father is a celebrated musician, the mother’s collaborative lawyer will insist that they get time to share and grow this bond. Collaborative lawyers help establish a positive signal early in the proceedings by showing that they aren’t there for a prolonged, vindictive battle.

Divorce can be ugly when the parents try to hurt each other more than help themselves or their kids.  The point of collaborative law isn’t merely to maximize custody, access, and child support; naturally, it involves these things, but it’s about securing the best footing for their client moving forward as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Showing your ex-partner that you’re willing to give them some of the things they want helps to build bridges at a time when there’s a real fear that all connections are severed.

Fierce Advocate

Even the most collaborative lawyer can’t control how the other side will respond to their approach. If they encounter hostility, a collaborative lawyer can pivot and be as tough as required.

Their goal is to advocate for their client. A holistic, collaborative approach is great for deescalating and creating alignment, but lawyers need a contingency in case that doesn’t work. Collaborative lawyers are experienced in representing their clients in all matters related to divorce, including child custody disputes, spousal support issues, and more.

They understand that divorces are emotionally complex, and they bring compassion and tenacity to the proceedings. It’s better for both sides to work things out amicably, and collaborative lawyers lead with that goal. They try to avoid it, but they’re more than prepared for a battle if their overtures get rejected.

Prompt Resolutions

The separation and divorce proceedings can be complicated and expensive. They’re also emotionally draining. Being in that suspended state can feel purgatorial; one relationship has ended, but you can’t move on to another one yet.

Having an experienced advocate helps you find the quickest, most painless resolutions. Collaborative lawyers understand that their clients don’t want a prolonged battle. They know that sometimes, divorcing parents try to lengthen the proceedings as a hostile tactic, hoping to win a war of attrition by counting on their resources to last longer.

Even if you get custody and great spousal support, divorce can be very expensive if it drags on too long. Delays also make it difficult for the divorcee to move on with their lives and find another partner, or at least establish their footing under new life circumstances.

Collaborative lawyers are experts at finding the quickest route through this complex minefield. Wrapping up matters as quickly as possible is imperative, a major goal for collaborative lawyers. On a personal level, divorce can be gruelling and emotionally draining. If there’s ever a time you want a professional to help you navigate safely and quickly to the other side, it’s during a divorce.

The start of another year is a common time for people to wipe the slate clean and start fresh. If you’re a parent getting divorced, you need to minimize the disruption and instability your child may experience from the separation, even as you work to establish the terms and get back on your feet. This New Year, help get yourself back on the right track by hiring a collaborative lawyer with a helpful, holistic legal approach who simplifies moving on.