Tips for Generating Leads with Creative Content

samuel nathan kahn- creative content

Today, the Google search engine has been invaded by numerous irrelevant content. It is a struggle for most content writers to create not only the creative content but one that can generate leads. 

You can stand out by giving your audience high quality content. To do something unique, step out of your comfort zone and try these tips given by Samuel Nathan Kahn for generating leads with creative content.

What is Content Marketing?

Content Marketing can be defined as writing creative content to attract prospective and existing customers. The content tells them what your business is all about, your skills, and your experience. You introduce your goods and services to them. Samuel Nathan Khan advises you not to spam or cram too much information into the content. Many people get turned off by long content, they lose interest quickly. If they don’t read your content, there is no lead generation for you.

How to generate leads?

Generation leads involve building audiences and converting them to paying customers. Develop a strong strategy to entice your audiences. Once your content is top-notch, you have created a good presence for yourself in the marketing industry.

Develop Creative Content According to Your Audience Needs

Your business visibility will depend on the quality of your content. What you love might not exactly be what your audience wants. Let your target visitors be your focus. Create content based on topics your audience loves.

Your generated leads will increase and be converted into paying customers. Your existing customers will refer new customers to you when you offer good service.

Create Good Quality Content

Improve your creative content by knowing what your audience wants. Your content should have substance and be of excellent quality. Always make sure your content is simple to read and understandable to the layman. Don’t use difficult grammar because some of your readers are may not be the native English speakers.

Observe how visitors interact with the design of your blog. Also check the mistakes to avoid while blogging. Find out about the readers’ experiences. Do your readers find it hard to navigate your blog due to its complex design? Is the user interface easy to use for those with mobile phones? Are the fonts of the texts on your blog legible enough to read?

Build an Interactive Mechanism

Big names in the industry make use of interactive marketing tools. You can switch to interactive marketing tools and your leads generation will exponentially increased.

Consult a professional on how to successfully utilize content marketing

Once, a customer told me this; “My friend said I should ask Samuel Nathan Kahn about optimizing my blog because I have little knowledge. Upon hearing this, I took it upon myself to put her through creative content marketing. I gave her tips on how to her blog a success” says Samuel Kahn.

Do not hesitate to ask for an expert opinion if you don’t have adequate knowledge. It shows prospects that are knowledgeable and you do proper research about your business.

Video Creation

Take leverage of social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Entertain your blog visitors with interesting, educational, and fun videos. Talk about the goals of your business. Include solutions to problems your business has provided. Upload concise and shoot videos.

Give free trials

Give your blog’s visitors free trials. They can get access to some content for some days. After that, if they wish to read further, they need to pay at a discounted price. Many of the visitors will came back to pay to read the full version if they love what they read. 


As a marketer, you can also seek answers to confusing questions because you give what you have. This will help you to give detailed answers to your customers. Do not forget to promote your blog on all your social media pages.