The 5 Best Approaches to Content Marketing

samuel nathan kahn- content marketing

Traditional virtual ads are no longer working effectively as before. The main reason is that many online users find ads intrusive and annoying. They use ad blockers or block pop-ups ads that redirect to another website. The most proactive and effective method now is content marketing. Many people have begun to explore this non-intrusive advertising strategy. The content creator can provide value-added services and sell his products at the same time.

After years of being a writer, Samuel Nathan Kahn, a well-known writer and a publisher discovered that 90 percent of the online community disables ads. This has increased the purchase of ads and pop-ups blocking software.

What is content marketing?

Content Marketing is the creation of creative content in the form of texts, videos, audio, or images. This content aimed to attract visitors to the website and turn them into paying customers. “A content creator seeks to attract the curiosity of site visitors and retains their attention” explains Samuel Kahn.

This methodology sets up mastery, advances brand mindfulness, and keeps your business top of psyche when it’s an ideal opportunity to purchase what you sell.

The steady utilization of content marketing builds up and supports associations with your planned and existing clients. At the point when your crowd considers your organization an accomplice inspired by their prosperity and a significant wellspring of counsel and direction, they’re bound to pick you when it’s an ideal opportunity to purchase.

Content Marketing Approaches

A content marketer gives his target what they want, not what they do not want. We have numerous ways of developing content to suit the audiences’ needs. These are:

Have a Blog

Everything and everywhere is digitalized. Go online and build your online presence, says Samuel Nathan Kahn. Your company needs a website to attract online users and let them know about your business. Put up your company’s logo, pictures of the physical business, and create newsletters.

Design your blog or site attractively and make it user-friendly. If it is user-friendly, it will be easy to navigate. Put the subscribe and purchase option on the webpage. Organize your blog or site professionally with engaging and creative content. Optimize your site to increase visibility and traffic. Use fixed topics that give important information to the visitors.

Social Media Platforms

“It doesn’t end just because you have a blog or website,” says Samuel Kahn. Create social media accounts for your business and put the link to your website or blog there. It is one of the most influential marketing strategies. Billions of people registered on social media platforms worldwide. Who knows, your next customer might come from there.

For instance, Facebook has over 1 billion users with young users dominating the chart. If your business is focused on the younger generation, utilize Facebook efficiently. Other examples include; YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and many more.

YouTube is a video-sharing platform. Ensure your videos are short, concise, and to the point. Analysis has shown that the majority prefer to watch videos than to read. They find videos to be more interesting and stimulating.

Stock Content

They are electronic books, research journals, articles, white papers. Stock content is educational resources or materials that you upload on your blog or site. Visitors to the site download them for their usage. You can also turn digital content into paperbacks and give it to prospective or old customers.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing is another powerful marketing tool. You pass information about your business directly to your customers. “Do not send emails to random people,” warns Samuel Nathan Kahn. Before you can send out emails, you must have their contacts on your mailing lists. Send the emails occasionally to inform them about discounts, offers, and new products.

Make Use of Influencers

If you want to take further actions in marketing your product, go for it. Employ the services of influencers. They have the crowd and the following that can increase your company’s visibility.

“Make sure the influencer you use is the right person for your brand,” buttressed, Samuel Nathan Kahn.

Your business can utilize content showcasing to draw in drives, present a defense for your item or administration when somebody is investigating what to purchase, and bring deals to a close.

To utilize it successfully, you’ll need to convey the right content at each phase of the business cycle—from mindfulness through thought to buy. Hence use these approaches stated by Samuel Kahn. By Approaching content this way actually simplifies the process.

In the end, as you set up the content marketing strategy you have chosen, do not depend on a single method, concluded Samuel Nathan Kahn. Try different strategies at the same time to get a massive response from people. Combine the 5 approaches listed above for the best result to manifest. “Your business will certainly have a high yield and profits”.