Pro Tips For Staying Young And Healthy

darren ainsworth- staying young and healthy

Staying young, beautiful and healthy has always been everyone’s dream. Yet, the rules to making it happen have always been violated- a body that is not well-rested. Food packed with junks and sugar and many more. While you might not be able to turn back the hand of the clock, there are still certain things you can do that can help you age like fine wine. And not to forget that your mental, emotional and physical health are what contribute to staying young and healthy. Hence, while you are looking for ways to keep your skin flourishing, don’t forget to make your mental health and wellness a priority as well. When you are happy, your skin, hair, health, and overall body are also happy. I, Darren Ainsworth, your number one source for health information and tips have put together the secrets to my youthfulness and healthy life. It’s not difficult, it only requires consistency and dedication and you can watch yourself staying young and healthy all life long.

Keep a wellness routine

Most people only visit the doctor when they are experiencing a new problem or health concerns. However, staying on top of your health game is being proactive and adopting preventive measures. I am an advocate for conducting regular health and wellness checkups even when everything seems to be going well with you health wise. After all, prevention they say is better than cure. Plus, it is also useful for the early detection of any diseases before they could get worse. Therefore, conducting regular wellness exams is something you should never take for granted. 

Get enough sleep

When it comes to staying young and healthy, this is also another critical factor that plays a huge role in your appearance. Poor sleeping habits will not only cause exhaustion, but it can also lead to skin sagging, wrinkles and the risk of development of other health conditions such as diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. During sleep, there is an easier flow of blood, the organs rebuild the collagen and heal better from any exposure to ultraviolet light, hence, promoting healthy-looking skin and reducing age spots. Are you having difficulty getting enough sleep? Things I do to ensure a good night’s rest is to avoid taking caffeine when it’s close to nighttime and also shut down all screens a few hours before sleeping. 

Eat the right food

Knowing what to eat and what not to eat can make a huge difference in a healthy lifestyle routine and one that is plagued with diseases. Foods are a powerhouse for body functioning and taking the right one can help fight off serious medical conditions such as diabetes, heart diseases and many more that tends to steal one’s longer-living and youthful appearance. Although your wellness doctor is the best to provide tips on the type of food to eat and changes to employ, you can also consider the Mediterranean diet. It’s good for your heart, brain, skin and overall body. For this, you need to go high on whole foods and go low on red meats and processed foods. 


Exercising is another secret to feeling and staying young and healthy. Exercise increases blood flow, strengthens the muscle and boosts your mood. Studies have found that consistent exercising over the course of a lifetime is the best medicine for slowing the aging process and staying healthy. Therefore, if you are always sitting down or always behind your computer screens, it’s time to get up, get moving, and make exercise a priority. 

Be sociable

Social isolation is a killer of joy and a detriment to mental health. Even experts swear that anyone who doesn’t belong to any social group like local religious organisations, club, circle of friends are not as healthy as those who are more social. Hence, increase your social life, always connect with loved ones and form healthy relationships. 

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