What Do We Know About Asus ROG Smart Lens? The World’s First Gaming Contact Lens!

ROG Smart Lens

Termed the ‘Radical New Approach’ and ‘The New Era of Gaming’, the ROG Smart Lens is an absolute game changer and a real treat for gamers around the globe. Asus is one of the leading producers of innovative gaming and tech products, and it’s no surprise that it brought another one.

But this time, Asus is focusing not on the technology but human body! That’s right, with its ROG Smart Lens, it’s decided to push the human body to becoming a new marvel. Well, what’s so amazing about it? This article will give a sneak peek into it, literally. So let’s dive in:

What is ROG Smart Lens?

As evident from the name, it’s a lens; however, Asus has optimized it for gaming needs. According to the company, perfecting laptops/ PCs is no more fun or as they quote ‘we’ve perfected the PC so much’¸ they started focusing on giving options to improve the human body. The smart lens is designed to offer gaming-related perks, enhancing the overall experience. Let’s check out what it brings:

Eye and Head Tracking

Modern VR headsets offer eye and head tracking that allows adjusting the camera for the users optimally. However, sometimes using these devices is a hassle, and you’d need a separate device for the purpose. But now, the ROG Smart Lens makes it easier to accomplish both tasks simultaneously and effectively as you play. Wearing the lens during gaming, it’ll record your head and eye movements and adjust the camera settings accordingly.

In other words, wearing the lens will give an accurately immersive experience especially if you’re playing games with high-end movements such as simulations, racing, etc. Also, if you’re gaming, then ensure to have a good internet connection such as Xfinity for a lag-free experience. Just connect with Xfinity customer service and get a plan right away.

Blue Light Filter

One of the major concerns of gamers is too much exposure to the screen can cause damage to their sight. However, the ROG Smart Lens comes with a blue light filter. This allows it to automatically adjust to the light conditions, filtering harmful rays and minimizing strain on the eyes. Now, extensive gaming hours won’t bug you.

Eye Gestures & Armoury Crate Control

The ROG Smart Lens offers Armoury Crate access via eye gestures. Instead of tapping Alt+tab on your keyboard, you can set actions with your lens. Each action such as a wink, twitch, blink, etc. can be used for a dedicated action.

For instance, you can access the Armoury crate with a wink of the eye. Speaking of which, you can use the AC for adjusting RGB settings, changing the color of the lens, adapting to the light available, and more.

In addition, with the lens, you won’t have to stop your game midway or even move your hands from the devices. Just a small eye gesture and you can access a number of controls easily.

ROG Command Center Access

The ROG Smart Lens is also connected with the ROG Command Center which gives you control over your devices. From the GPU’s performance to the core’s workability, just like the above, you can access the controls and change the settings as needed.

Not to mention the ROG Command Center also allows you to access game settings such as adjusting FPS, refresh rate, Bluetooth settings, mic settings, and more. The amazing thing is that all these settings are accessible via the smart lens so you can easily adjust these while you’re playing a game.

Intuitive Charging Case

Apart from the lens performance, the intuitive charging case is another appealing thing that attracts most buyers. The design of the charging case is something out of a sci-fi movie, which is expected from Asus.

In addition, it comes with an innovative design that is engineered to clean your lenses, making them reusable without having to worry about any unhygienic impact on your eyes. Moreover, it takes just 1 hour for the entire cleaning and charging process without any hassle.

So, What’s the Take on ROG Smart Lens?

Even with the intuitive design and so much appealing features, people would want to whether buying the lens is a good idea or not. Perhaps the most intuitive element about the lens is the ‘lens’ itself. Instead of wearing heavy headsets, you can wear this lens and then enjoy the experience.

Perhaps the point is that it’s only dedicated to gaming as of now, and isn’t available for mainstream options. On the other hand, we have Apple Vision Pro has been making its way in the industry as well. With a wide range of navigation options such as eyes, hands, and voice, you can access numerous activities such as watching movies, shows, accessing content online, etc. without actually accessing the devices.

If you think about that, the Vision Pro has more functionality; however, it’s not tailor-made for gaming experiences. The ROG Smart Lens doesn’t offer as much functionality as the Vision Pro; however, it’s excellent for enhancing gaming needs. Thus, the final decision rests on the consumers. But, we can expect the ROG Smart Lens to have more features dedicated to various other operations in the future.