A Detailed Guide on Coloured Contact Lenses

coloured contact lenses

Coloured contact lenses are simply amazing. These lenses allow a lot of people to change their eye colour at will. Coloured contact has really become a necessary cosmetic item for people looking to beautify their appearance. Also, these lenses are widely used to complete costumes for Halloween and cosplay all around the world.

Although these coloured contact lenses are very popular they are medical devices. When you are preparing to buy them or using them you should adhere to every instruction on how to buy and handle these coloured lenses


Like mentioned earlier, colour contact lenses are medical devices and when you are buying them it is important to think of it in medical terms rather than a lifestyle.

It should be mentioned that if you get careless at any point your potentially putting the health of your eyes at serious risk.

With coloured contact lenses, you cannot buy them like any other fashion item. You must get a doctor’s prescription that would describe the right type and fit of coloured contact lenses for your eyes. That is always the first step, your doctor will examine your eyes and suggest the contact lenses whose material is right for your eyes.

After that, you have to be extremely careful about the quality of the coloured lenses you are going to buy. You just cannot go out and buy from any store or retail shop. It is crucial to stick with only the top brands and the most trusted online stores. Compromising on the quality of the contact lenses is not an option. Low quality coloured lenses may be made of a material that could hurt your eyes like causing eye infections or impaired vision.


Now that you have been delivered the coloured contact lenses that you have always wanted it is time to validate. Check the contacts if they match suggestion your doctor gave you. Also check the colour and type is also what you ordered. If everything checks out, then you must adhere to the following rules of caring and maintaining your contact lenses:

  • Clean the lenses properly and protect from contamination. It is important to maintain the cleanliness of coloured contacts. In order to keep them safe from contaminants, always keep them cleaned with the disinfectant solution only. Never use water or a homemade solution. Also, when not using them keep them safe in their lens case filled with the solution
  • Also, clean after every use. It is important to mention that your coloured contact lenses are required to be cleaned after every use. Put them on your palm and use the solution and rub the lenses delicately to clean and remove any particle on them. This needs to be done every time you use them.
  • Discard your coloured contact lenses after they expire. Your coloured contact lenses always have expiry on them. Once you get the check for how long they are good for use. Once the lifespan of your coloured contact lenses end they should no longer be used. You must discard them accordingly after they expire. If you require colour lenses then you must buy a new pair. Never use the expired ones.
  • Keep your lens case clean at all times. Maintenance of the lens case is also very important. Firstly, you must change the lens case every few months. Secondly, never top up the lens with the solution, always throw away the old solution and refill it with fresh solution. But before you do that, clean the lens with the same solution and then refill it. Also, follow every instruction the doctor or the retailer told you with regards to the case.


While wearing coloured contact lenses is fun and exciting, it is important that you be very careful while you are wearing them or using them. Follow these instructions:

  • Do not expose your contact lenses to water unless the packaging and the instructions tell you that you can use them for swimming or in the shower.
  • If your coloured contact lenses are not extended lenses then you must take them off before going to bed at night. Never wear them when going to sleep.
  • Always keep the necessary contact lens accessories with you. The lens case, solution in case you need to take them off while you are travelling.
  • Sharing of contact lenses is an absolute NO. Consider it as a cardinal sin. Sharing can transmit dangerous eye diseases from one person to another.
  • Do not wear your contact lenses for too long. Wearing contact lenses hinders the provision of oxygen to the eyes and your eyes get dry. Dry eye will lead to irritation and eye soreness. It is important to give your eyes some rest.
  • But before you do all that, always remember to wash your hands properly with warm water so that you can touch your contact lenses. You should not touch your coloured eye contacts without clean hands. Debris and particles could get stuck on the lenses and enter your eyes. Hygiene is of crucial importance.