The Best Mattress Bed Wedge for Acid Reflux Treatment while Sleeping

mattress bed wedge

Acid reflux, which is also known as GERD, is a problem for many people. From adults to kids, everyone faces this problem quite often. Improper food habit, rising pollution, improper lifestyle, stress and many other things are regarded as responsible for acid reflux. If you are suffering from this disorder, you need proper medications. Sadly, there is no medication to heal the problem permanently. If you are facing the problem frequently, you need to make changes to your lifestyle and food habit. In fact, you may get some relief if you change your mattress. Switching to Bed Wedge Mattress Lifts can help resolving your acid reflux problem.

How Bed Wedge Mattress Helps in Treating Acid Reflux?

Bed wedge mattress has been found exceptionally good for the people, who are suffering from frequent acid reflux problem. This type of mattress can help you to reduce frequent acid reflux or heartburn issues. In the following section, you can find how the bed wedge mattresses can help in reducing the acid reflux problem.

Good Sleep Is Crucial for Healing Acid Reflux

People, who are suffering from acid reflux, often face sleeping disorders. Due to heartburn or acid reflux, it gets difficult to sleep. When you do not sleep properly, acidity level of your body further rises up. With enhanced acidity level, people tend to suffer from frequent acid reflux. So, sleeping is absolutely necessary for keeping the acid reflux in control. Along with over the counter medicines for reducing acidity in stomach, you need adequate sleep on daily basis. If you do not sleep properly, acid reflux will cause major concerns for you. With wedge bed mattress, people can get better sleep quality. These mattresses have been designed to provide exceptional comfort so that people can sleep properly.

Esophageal Position Is Not Horizontal

When you sleep on normal mattress, esophageal tube remains horizontal. As a result, acid can flow from stomach to esophageal tube easily. When you sleep on wedge mattress, the esophageal tube does not remain horizontal. As a result, acidic substance or fluid cannot travel from stomach to esophageal tube easily. Hence, it protects you acid reflux or heartburn issues. You may come across many other major concerns due to acid reflux. For example, heart related problems can arise. But, wedge mattress protects you from any such issues. It gives you protection from heartburn or acid reflux with sheer meticulousness.

Inclined Body Position also Helps in Better Digestion

After having the dinner, many people have the habit to go to sleep. But, it is suggested that you should ideally go to sleep after one hour of your dinner. In our sleeping posture, the stomach comes into the horizontal position to the ground. At this position, fluid or food particles find it difficult to travel to intestine. When food stays in stomach for a long time, it causes digestion disruption. Acid reflux occurs as an aftermath of digestion disorder.

These are the things that you should keep in mind when dealing with acid reflux issues. Using wedge mattress is highly beneficial for the patients of chronic acid reflux.