What Are the Complications of Proton Pump Inhibitors Therapy?

proton pump inhibitors

Acid reflux is a problem for many people, and if you suffer from this problem you need to adopt proper medications. For treatment of acid reflux, you shall find different types of medicines or medications. If the problem is frequent for you, over the counter medicines would not be useful for you. You need to switch to other sorts of solutions to heal acid reflux. For the treatment of acid reflux, you can opt for proton pump inhibitors. They are also known PPIs. Using PPI for acid reflux has both advantages and shortcomings. The advantages are known to all. This article will mainly focus into the complications that you may face when you use the PPI for healing acid reflux.

Reduced Digestive Power

You need to understand how proton pump inhibitors work. It intends to provide you relief from acid reflux by reducing acidity level in your stomach. So, how acidity level inside stomach will get reduced? PPI comes with H2 receptors, which use to block the acid flow from the walls of stomach. As a result, your stomach will have lesser acidic fluid. For chronic acid reflux patients, this therapy works like wonder, though there is a risk. You may lose your natural digestive power due to this. Since low amount of acid is secreted from the walls of stomach, you shall notice that it will take longer to digest foods.

The Risk of Malnutrition

As stated, using proton pump inhibitors can potentially damage your natural digestive ability. It reduces secretion of the acid from the walls of your stomach. Hence, it can potentially lead to malnutrition. When digestion does not happen properly, food nutrients become wastage. In such scenario, body cells do not get the essential nutrients. It results into malnutrition. Due to malnutrition, you can find many complications. For example, skin disease can commonly happen. You may also suffer from lack of physical strength and energy.

The Return of Acid Reflux

With the proton pump inhibitors therapy, permanent relief from acid reflux cannot be assured. Typically, physicians would suggest this treatment for 5 to 12 weeks. During the therapy, you shall find relief against chronic acid reflux problem. But, it does not assure you permanent relief. In many cases, acid reflux has reappeared for patients who have given up this therapy after the prescribed time. Overall, it needs to be said that acid reflux is quite a concerning physical issue, and it may not have any permanent relief.

Enhanced Toxicity in the Body

Since PPI causes digestion problems, toxin production in your body may rise up significantly. With enhanced toxicity in your body, you may face different kinds of problems. Enhanced toxin can lead to lack of immunity. As a result, you shall become vulnerable to many kinds of diseases or physical problems.

Keeping all these things in mind, you should be careful in using the proton pump inhibitors therapy for managing acid reflux. This therapy has some benefits, but at the same time there are some drawbacks. People, who already suffer from digestive disorders, should avoid this therapy for healing acid reflux.