12 Common Mistakes that Lead to not Losing Weight

common mistake that not help to Losing Weight

Many may try to stick to diets to lose extra weight, but to no avail. Have you ever thought about the reason for that? Learn in this article the 12 most common mistakes when following diets to avoid them later and to be able to lose those annoying fats and have your favorite appearance. Here is the mistake that not lead Losing Weight.

Destructive diet:

Some may want to lose a few kilograms in a short period to attend a close event or pass a test, so they follow diets that rely only on grapefruit juice or cabbage soup, which are effective foods in burning fat. It may seem an effective way at first glance, but with time the body does not respond to that diet And don’t lose any more weight. Nutrition expert Claire McFeely says that these diets not only lead to weight loss, but affect the muscles and body tissues, making you feel weak, and in the long run, these diets slow down the body’s metabolism.


Sometimes we may forget ourselves and eat a lot of snacks, such as eating some potatoes or a piece of cake, so you have to pay close attention to what you eat between meals.

Skipping breakfast:

It is one of the most common mistakes, and it is useful to eat a healthy breakfast because it improves the metabolism and you can add more foods that help complete the metabolism process for breakfast.

Neglecting exercise:

Relying on diets only does not give as strong an effect as exercising with diets, in addition to the fact that you can eat what you like because you will burn it during exercise.

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Skipping meals:

Do not rely on not eating meals in order to lose weight, because skipping that meal means fewer calories and then you will feel more hungry and will eat more at the next meal.

Distortion of the dosing system:

Unfortunately, many people take a larger dose than they need. Therefore, it is recommended to use hands as a good criterion for determining the amount of food that should be eaten. For example, meat, fish and protein should be estimated as the size of the palm of your hands, and carbohydrates should be measured in the amount of a handful in one hand, and vegetables and salads should be as much as the palms of your hands together. You have to eat slowly.

Drinks also contain calories:

Be sure to drink plenty of water and stay away from drinks that contain high calories.

Don’t Weigh Yourself

Too Much Although the process of weighing your body a lot may be motivating to know how much weight you have lost, the large amount of weight may be frustrating at some stages, because losing weight with a healthy diet is slow and gradual, in addition to the fact that women’s weight may change during menstruation due to fluid retention in the body .

Fat-free does not mean calorie-free.

Excessive consumption of fat-free foods is harmful to diets. There is a misconception that fat-free food is also free of calories, and this is not true. There are fat-free foods that contain calories as well, so there is no objection to eating them, but to a reasonable extent.

Not eating fat is a mistake:

There is a rumor that says that cutting fats from meals helps in losing weight, but what some may not know is that the body needs fats in order to obtain energy, repair tissues, and transport vitamins such as vitamins D, A, K and E.

Not eating dairy products:

Many people refrain from eating dairy products when following weight loss diets, but there is a recent study that demonstrated that the body burns a higher percentage of fat when there is an adequate amount of calcium.

Not eating snacks:

Some believe that by skipping snacks they will lose their excess weight, but eating healthy snacks between main meals improves the metabolism, provides the body with energy and eliminates the feeling of hunger.

Public health advice for your daily life

From a health perspective, how do you see your lifestyle and your healthy and nutritional routine? Do you always play sports?  you follow a healthy diet? Do you drink as much water as your body needs every day? Do you get a quiet, comfortable sleep for your body?

Suppose you have a shield, and you always have to wear that shield to protect you from dangerous and life-threatening external factors, if you don’t take care of it constantly from any damage, surely you have to keep it, clean it and keep it permanently so that it can protect you.

In fact, you have this shield and your armor is your body, so without keeping your body healthy and healthy, you can’t go through your life properly, and you’re going to have a lot of health and physical problems.

So here’s a list of public health tips for your daily life and health and the healthy and nutritious lifestyle you follow to always enjoy healthy and healthy bodies.