An Exclusive Guidebook for Understanding the Term Fluorosis


Everyone knows the importance of fluoride and its positive outcomes for oral health. But when the quantity is disturbed it causes problems; whether you reduce or increase the amount of fluoride. Both conditions are dangerous and can affect the development of the teeth.

Is Dental Fluorosis a Disease?

Many people think that it is a disease of the teeth. But in reality, it is a disorder that affects the appearance of the teeth according to Tulsa pediatric group. This doesn’t have any consequences on the general or oral health of the child; only there are white spots on the enamel of teeth.

Amelogenesis imperfect and Fluorosis not the same

Both of these dental abnormalities are very different from each other. One thing that is common is that these concerns the enamel. Fluorosis creates spots on the teeth; which with the passage of time becomes worse. But Amelogenesis imperfect forms because there is a malfunction in the process of providing the right amount of protein to the teeth.

Various Categories of intensity of Symptoms

In the beginning, there are only white spots that show on the teeth. But if it is left untreated then it can develop into something severe. There are six conditions from which the child undergoes. These intensity grades were first developed by H. Trendley Dean Classification in 1934.

Normal Condition

Although the structure of the teeth appears to be normal, deep inspection will reveal that along with the glossy and smoothness the enamel is turning into creamy white. The texture of the teeth will be luminous but gradually it is becoming pale.

Questionable Circumstances

The pediatric orthodontists start to question about the teeth when very tiny dots on the teeth appear. They show themselves occasionally which can determine whether the child is beginning to have Fluorosis or not. Now the dentists will be alert to ace further developments.

Very Mild Symptoms

A mixture of white areas, opaque color and in small quantity is haphazardly spread all over the teeth. But only 25-30% of the enamel is affected by it. The cusps of the second molars and teeth with bicuspids are affected by it.

Mild Occurrence

When 50% or more area of the tooth is covered with plaque and the white spots; still it is considered as mild occurrence. It is categorized as number 4 in the scale.

Moderate Position

As soon as the creamy and opaque enamel turns brown; it will start to damage the teeth. The beautiful appearance of the teeth gets ugly when brown strains occur more frequently.

The severity of the Situation

If the severity of the condition worsens then the overall structure of the teeth can be affected. The brown spots can cover the whole area of the enamel or there is a mixture of white ones also.

What causes Fluorosis according to Tulsa pediatric group?

There are three reasons for this condition to occur. You can get full information on this when you visit a dental clinic like Pediatric Dentist Tulsa. The dentists there will tell you about the main three causes of it occurring in the first place.

Too much Fluoride Consumption

Almost all dental products have some amount of fluoride in it. This specific quantity is essential for the good development of teeth. But if there is excess in its usage then it becomes dangerous. It may happen that you give extra fluoride to the child thinking that it will help or the child him/ herself brushes more than the recommended times. These are circumstances in which the child can develop this condition.

The condition more common in Villages

Many wells are naturally rich in fluoride, so when the people consume the water it raises the level of fluoride in the body. Many rural areas are very rich in fluoride but others are less; so inspection of the water is necessary before start using it.

How can Fluorosis be treated?

Several ways have been suggested to minimize the effects of Fluorosis. You must be thinking about the treatment for it. Well, till today no proper treatment has been discovered. Just the appearance of the teeth can be improved through the following techniques.

Micro-abrasion of the enamel

This technique involves removing enamel that is effected form this condition. The white spots will reduce and appear less visible. This comes under the category of cosmetic dentistry where the ugly look of the teeth is improved.

Using teeth bleach or whitener

Bleach and whitener for the teeth are used to cut down the brown smudges. These are available in patches, pates and strips; whichever will be convenient to use on the teeth of the child. If you what to use it yourself then you have to be careful.

Protection by Veneers

These are coverings that can fit on the surface of the teeth to hide the stains and spots. You can’t fit the veneers yourself because they are custom made and needs professional hands to place it on the teeth if your child

Preventions to Take

A few preventive measures have to be taken that are advised by Tulsa pediatric group. Curtail the consumption of fluoride in your daily routine, minimize the use of sugary foods and have the water tested for fluoride so that the right amount can be taken.

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