Lewdle – A Saucy & Exciting Twist on Wordle


Lewdle is a saucy and exciting twist on the classic word game, Wordle. The game follows the same rules, giving players six chances a day to guess a five-letter word. From mild to extreme, players can revel in the delightful world of profanity and obscenity.  Lewdle’s popularity has skyrocketed, attracting over a million players in just nine days. Creator, Gary Whitta, has openly acknowledged the game as a knockoff of Wordle.

He encourages players to “play the original” while noting that Lewdle is all about good, clean vulgar fun.  This game presents a challenge and provides players with the chance to increase their profanity vocabulary. Players can even submit inappropriate words to be added to the list. Consequently, those who are easily offended by such language should not play this game. But if you’re looking for a bit of raunchy entertainment, Lewdle delivers!

From Fun For Two To Fame: The Rise Of Wordle And Lewdle

Josh Wardle, a software engineer based in Brooklyn, created Wordle as a game for his partner. After its release in October 2021, it quickly gained immense popularity with three million daily players and regular Twitter trends. In response to the success of this game, Lewdle, a joint effort by creators Gary Whitta and Adam Nickerson, was released and has quickly gained its own social media following.

Although creating a vocabulary of five-lettered, lewd words is challenging, Lewdle uses different dialects, including British slang which has made the UK second-biggest user base. Despite this, Whitta admits that the finite amount of words and the game’s novelty may shorten its shelf-life when compared to World’s almost infinite possibilities. Regardless, Lewdle continues to attract players who love the rebellious and risqué nature of the game.

It’s clear these two games have captured a wide audience and transformed from a simple game made for a partner into a social media phenomenon.

What You Need to Know to Play Lewdle, The NSFW Word-Guessing Game

The game is simple: you have six tries to guess the hidden, lewd five-letter word.

  • Enter a word into the dialogue box and hit “Enter” to submit your guess. The game will then reveal how close you are to the correct answer through color-coded tiles.
  • Green tiles denote that a letter is correctly placed in the word, while yellow tiles indicate that the letter is present but misplaced. Gray tiles signify that the letter is contained in the word but not in the correct order.
  • Remember, you only have six chances to guess the lewd word, so make your guesses count. If you can’t guess the word after six turns, the game is over.

Mastering Lewdle: Tips to Help You Decipher the Lewd Word

Are you ready to take on the challenge of Lewdle but unsure where to start? Here are some useful tips to help you navigate the game.

Vocabulary is Key: The more lewd words you know, the easier it’ll be to guess the word. So, brush up on your lewd vocabulary to increase your chances of guessing the word.

Watch for Duplicate Letters: In Lewdle, it’s possible for a letter to appear more than once in the word. So pay attention to duplicate letters, and don’t miss them.

Take Advantage of Your Guesses: You only get six guesses in Lewdle, so use them wisely. However, there are some useful tips to help you optimize your guesses. When you’re stuck, fill in the blanks with the word using the most vowels, as it’s often the most accurate suggestion for the next word.

Use Feedback from Previous Guesses: Green tiles represent the correct letter in the correct position, yellow tiles indicate the correct letter in the wrong spot, and gray tiles mean the letter is not used in the word at all. Use these clues to guide your next guess.

Keep Your Options Open: Based on the feedback from the previous guesses, make an informed decision on the most appropriate word to choose next. And, don’t be afraid to think outside the box and try different variations if one guess isn’t working. Lewdle is a fun and challenging word game that will put your lewd vocabulary to the test. So, grab your dictionary, and get ready to embrace the naughtier side of Wordle. Happy Guessing!

A Look into the Game’s Growing Popularity

The creators of Lewdle have revealed that the game’s popularity continues to soar, with players from all over the world joining this game for fun. The top three countries with the most Lewdle players are America, the United Kingdom, and Canada. To cater to the UK’s significant player base, the developers have included British slang in the game’s vocabulary.

Additionally, countries like India, Ireland, and New Zealand also have a considerable number of Lewdle players. The game’s fan base not only includes regular players but also famous streamers like TimTheTatman and Pokimane and even actors from the adult entertainment industry.

Bottom Line

Lewdle is a refreshing spinoff of Wordle, standing apart from many Wordle clones on mobile app stores. The game is free to play on the official website, providing unadulterated fun for all. With its growing popularity and dedication to expanding its vulgar vocabulary, it’s not difficult to see why so many players have flocked to playing Lewdle. So, what are you waiting for? Test out your naughty language skills with Lewdle today!