Top Interesting Uses of Silver

silver bullion bars

The aesthetic appeal of silver had resulted in its usage in the jewelry industry for ages. Being a precious metal, just like gold, the white metal finds another popular utility as an investment asset in the form of silver bullion bars and coins. Many of us are also aware of its use as silverware. These are just a few of the uses of silver among numerous others.

We have compiled a list of various important and interesting uses of white metal that would surely fascinate you. So let’s just dive in to know about these applications in detail.

As an Investment Asset

Silver, the white cousin of gold is also gaining popularity as an investment asset. Many investors like to diversify their portfolios with silver. The precious metal is considered a haven, just like gold and traders turn to silver during uncertain times.

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Uses in Electronics

Silver is a good conductor of electricity, it has also amazing thermal conductivity. So both these properties of the white metal explain its widespread usage in electronics.

It is used in the making of numerous electronic products or items that we use in our day-to-day life such as switches and plasma television sets.

For this industry, the silver required is of very high purity, which has a fineness of 999.9 ( 99.99% pure).

Silver also finds its usage in the form of nanosilver. In this form, it is used in a tiny size that can be around 1 to 100 nanometres. This has led to so numerous technological innovations.

We can go on and on as there are myriad uses of this precious metal in electronics.

Medicinal Uses

Silver has medicinal properties too. Yes, you heard it right! For years it has played an important role in medicine because of its antibacterial properties. It can kill bacteria by absorbing oxygen and stopping its respiration process.

Many eyedrops have silver in them that helps to cure infections. Also, surgical instruments are coated with white metal to save the spread of bacteria.

Silver bullion bars has healing properties and hence during World War I, silver foils were used to be wrapped around the wounds. To recover from the sickness, colloidal silver and silver protein complexes were used to be taken as a medicine or applied topically.

The silver ion treatment can help in curing bone infections, it can regenerate the damaged tissue.

In Solar & Nuclear Energy

It is also used in solar panels (photovoltaic cells ) in the form of silver paste. Apart from this, the white metal is also used as a reflector of the solar energy into collectors that generate electricity.

It is also used in nuclear reactors to slow down or speed up the reaction.

In Photography

The rare metal is also used in non-digital photography and X-Ray photography in hospitals.

Motor Vehicles

Cars too use white metal in their manufacturing and functioning. Auto manufacturing uses over 35 million ounces of silver every year. Modern-day cars use silver membrane switches wherever the electrical connection is required.

For keeping the car glass windows free of fog, silver ceramic lines are fired into the windows at the back and front windshields.

Uses in Soldering & Brazing

Soldering is the process of joining metal pieces at a temperature below 600 degrees Celsius. On the other hand, brazing also involves joining metal pieces but at a temperature above 600 degrees Celsius. Silver is used in both these processes.

As a Chemical Catalyst

The precious metal can also act as a catalyst thus it finds its application in producing two essential chemicals – ethylene oxide and formaldehyde.