Some Fabulous New Year’s Gift Ideas To Bangalore


On occasions like the new year, you must give your employees or co-workers some lovely gifts to make them feel special. It also acts as a great motivating factor as it gives them a feeling that they are a valued worker. Bangalore, being an IT hub and industrially developed city, has many offices. You can deliver cakes in Bangalore to any desired areas or send flowers to Bangalore for your workers on a special occasion. You can also order various kinds of corporate gifts online for New Year’s Eve. Online portals have a great range of gifts, cakes, and flowers for the new year, festivals, birthdays, and anniversaries.

New Year’s Eve is one of the most joyful occasions of the year. People all over the world celebrate it like a festival with their family and friends. They dance, eat, and have a great time together with their closest people. The new year brings new hopes and aspirations in everyone’s life, which is why people celebrate it with so much excitement. We all buy gifts for our loved ones which include friends and family. But we shall not forget that our work is also an essential aspect of our life and the people with whom we work also have a significant space in our lives. An owner of a company depends a lot on his/her employees for maximum output. We spend a substantial portion of the day with our office colleagues, which is why it becomes essential to share our happiness with them too.

We are here to give you some ideas regarding what gift you can present to your co-workers for this New Year’s Eve:

  • Cakes and flowers-

    Any happy occasion cannot be complete without a delicious cake. Cakes add a lot of excitement and sweetness to any event. You can order a large cake for all your employees from an online portal that delivers cakes in Bangalore. Or you can also order some pastries or brownies for each of them. You can order some pretty flowers to welcome your employees to the office on the 1st of January. This will be a sweet gesture. Or, if required, you can also send flowers to Bangalore to your colleague’s home. They will surely be pleasantly surprised.

  • Plants-

    Plants are the best gift anyone can give. You can gift small plants in gorgeous pots to your employees for the new year. You can order mini-plants online easily nowadays. Mini plants like a jade plant, money plant, bamboo plant, the snake plant are best for this purpose. You can even customize the planters with your brand name or a message like “Happy New Year” on them. It will be a lovely gift as they can decorate it at their office desk or take it home. These plants are great air purifiers as well.

  • Stationery items-

    Gifting stationery items like a customized diary, pen, or calendar is also an excellent option for office colleagues. Diaries and planners will help them plan their meetings and works in an office. Ordering customized stationery with the name of your company on it will also be great for promotion. All the work can be done on phones and laptops, but nothing can replace the value of a good diary where you can write by yourself.

  • Gift Baskets-

    Giving a single gift is nice, but imagine your reaction when you give pretty gift baskets to your employees. A gift basket has many small gifts in one big basket, which makes it exciting. You can go for a gourmet gift basket with different varieties of chocolates, snacks, drinks, nuts, etc. It will be a lovely gift for them. You can easily find a great variety of gift baskets online.

So, what are you waiting for? Order some of these fabulous gifts for your employees this New Year and make them happy. We are sure they will be delighted to receive gifts from you.

Gifts To Avoid as a New Year Gift

There are few items you should never give to your Chinese friends over the Lunar New Year. Try not to get them, if not your companions might say a final farewell to you while getting them.

Things in Black or White

Red is the fortunate shading in China. As high contrast are regularly utilized at memorial services, white or dark presents and wrapping paper ought to be kept away from.


Try not to give an accessory as a gift to a dispassionate companion. Chinese individuals think things like accessories, ties, and belts are related to private relations. These things are regularly given by sweethearts/lady friends or couples.

A Green Hat

Wearing a green cap implies one’s significant other is untrustworthy. So a green cap ought to be kept away from. More on what not to give at Chinese New Year

Tips on Giving a Gift

Chinese New Year Gifts Ideas: The gifts ought to be in the right tones. Red and gold are viewed as lucky tones and white and dark are untouchable tones.

Try not to give the gift with unfortunate significance, for example, a clock which is connected with ‘death’.
Take a couple of gifts with you, as Chinese individuals accept that beneficial things ought to be two by two.
Do make sure to eliminate the sticker price. A gift with a sticker price is a clue to the beneficiary that the gift is costly, and that the source is anticipating an endowment of the equivalent cost.