Romantic Birthday Ideas to Surprise Your Special One


As much as we love someone and know all their flaws and virtues, choosing the right gift can be a very difficult task. Especially if you have already spent all your ideas. We know that you want to surprise your loved one without being boring and banal. We have prepared your list of the most romantic birthday gifts that will surely inspire you.

Birthday preparation concept

When choosing a concept of action, be sure to remember that you must not exaggerate. Make sure that the creative research of fantasy does not dumbfound and frighten the chosen one! It is also better not to use abstruse and too complicated moves. It is unlikely that the hard work of the convolutions will be able to transfer the birthday person into a fairy tale, and with a strained brain, it is difficult to have fun.

Oddly enough, in the modern world, which is teeming with innovations, where gifts can be very different, where creativity is so highly valued, a lot of people still prefer the good old romance. Yes, yes, exactly the one about which we read in books, about which pop singers sing with might and main and shoot soap operas …

Is it trite? Maybe you’re right. But be sure that any romantic person, regardless of age, social status, character traits, dreams of feeling like a movie character. Your task is clear and simple – to make it possible, at least for one day.

Congratulations in the form of a video

Video congratulations are not uncommon in the modern world. Sometimes banal and naive videos can work wonders. The main thing is not to forget about romantic and fabulous images. The more sentimental the video comes out, the better. There are many options and scenarios. This can be a general video cut, a slideshow, or a whole video. There is enough imagination and materials here.

It is recommended to start making a similar version of congratulations at least a month before the celebration. After all, the process is not easy, and the blanks are needed! When editing the “film”, do not forget about the text and words. Romantic people love with their ears – this is not a myth, but rather a common truth that must be remembered as “2×2”. A touching verse, just warm words, or even a song – necessarily in your performance – will melt their heart.

You can place the “movie” on YouTube or another video hosting.

Use the following “romantic strategy”:

The night before the cherished day, post a video. In the morning, send a postcard or heartbreaking greeting with a link to the video. The reaction will not keep you waiting! Such a great start to the birthday will make the beloved’s mood wonderful.

Childhood greetings or morning show

Surely, everyone has seen touching declarations of love on the pavement at least once in his life. “Childhood…!” – tell you. Yes, undoubtedly childhood or adolescence. But such an act will definitely delight your loved one. It is better to write the inscription in the early morning, while the Birthday person is still asleep. And then just call them and ask them to look out the window.

How to make an inscription? What to write with? Anything! Here you can already turn on your imagination. Winter? So much the better, trampling the name in the snow and decorating with rose petals is a great solution. Summer? Good old chalk on the asphalt.

If your beloved lives in an apartment above the fourth floor: urgently look for extras! Ten to fifteen people dressed in the same color will make a great figurine in the shape of a heart. This will become an interesting and very unusual birthday greeting.

Rooftop Gala Dinner

Look for a beautiful, suitable roof at a high-rise building. Be sure to pay attention to the landscape that will be visible. It is unlikely that a “picturesque” plant or tire fitting will inspire romance. The best choice is the lights of the night city or the beautiful slopes of the park, forest. To make the preparation process easier (it’s not easy), do not hesitate to ask a friend for help.

Next, the roof needs to be decorated. Candles, flowers, and even garlands can be festive decorations. Think about how you will sit. You can put a table and chairs, or arrange a cozy corner with a blanket of pillows.

Now comes the tricky part. For the surprise to succeed, the culprit of the holiday should not suspect your plans. Therefore, luring to the roof will have to be tricked. When your loved one sees what you have prepared for them, when they take a look at the decorated roof, there will be no bounds for joy. He/she will definitely remember such a congratulation for the rest of their life!

Gift at her/his house

If you have a long-term relationship and have the opportunity to sneak into the house unnoticed, you can make a surprise right there. Decorate the room with rose petals, candles, balloons. Hide notes with romantic wishes and prepare the main gift.

Congratulations on billboards

In the modern world, congratulations through billboards or advertising banners is a fairly common phenomenon. An advertising poster with warm words of congratulations and declarations of love will be a great solution. For example, a large photo of your beloved with a touching caption: “The most charming person celebrates a birthday today! I love you with all my heart “or” Darling, happy birthday to you. ” Be sure to place “ad” in the place where the birthday person can see it. It can be on the road on which she/he drives to work, or near her/his home, office.

Romantic quest

Various quest rooms have become wildly popular lately. You can surprise your beloved with an unexpected romantic quest. Here, the main thing is not to overdo it and not to arrange intellectual training with congratulations. Choose simpler questions and tasks. For example, link them to her/his professional activities, your common past, or moments in their biographies. The number is also important: so that the gift does not become boring – there should be no more than ten of them.

How to choose a room? Ideally, this is a specially equipped guest room. There are many of these in the entertainment centers of large cities. There you will also find experienced trainers who will help with the organization. If there are none in your city, you can rent an apartment for daily rent. Riddles and tasks can be very different – the main thing is romance.

Classic greetings

If you do not have the opportunity to meet and shower your loved one with rose petals – do not despair. Even at a distance, it is quite possible to make an unusual congratulation: the main thing is a creative approach.

Consider the classic version of SMS greetings. You can fill the birthday person with romantic messages with words of love. First, select the number of messages and the intended text. Ideally, the number of congratulations matches the number of ages. For example, your loved one is twenty-four years old -they should receive beautiful messages from you every hour throughout the day. It is better to think over the text in advance so that the frequency is not violated. Of course, the first SMS should be the most touching and longest, and the rest should be an addition.

If you don’t want to get attached to numbers and increase the estimated number of posts, choose one topic. For example, “One Hundred Reasons Why I Love You.” Everybody will be delighted with so much attention.

Gift bouquets “One hundred and one rose”

The idea is as old as time but powerful and highly effective. The centuries-old practice of millions of people proves the logic of the existence of such methods of conquering a soulmate’s heart. And if your loved one doesn’t like roses, there is a lot of birthday flowers

That you can choose. And it doesn’t have to flower at all, but, for example, petals that will cover the floor, or that will fall “from the sky” – believe me, your loved one will not resist. And if you also season the flower show with a romantic dinner (with candles, of course), then the birthday person will definitely be delighted. That is, we act according to the classical scheme – dinner, many flowers, candles, romantic music, and you.

Decorations will not become a hindrance, but will even improve the situation. Lots of balloons on the ceiling, or just a romantic decoration of the room, will make a stunning impression.

Congratulations in verses

All romantic souls, without exception, dream that their beloved would devote poetry to them. This idea is old, but always relevant. If you have a craving for beauty, and you own a word, rhyme – go ahead. Of course, you need to recite a verse in some romantic place. Practice at home to read the love message as touching and heartbreaking as possible, without mistakes.

The choice of location depends on the weather, time of year, and general plans for the festive day. If you planned a dinner, read the verse instead of the toast. And if it’s a walk, bring your beloved to a beautiful place with a romantic landscape.


In any case, no matter what option you choose, the main thing is love. Therefore, when starting to organize, be guided first of all by your heart. Any congratulation, if it comes from a pure soul, will definitely leave the right impression. Happy birthday to your soulmate!