How Can You Add Thickness To Your Hair Naturally

Thick Hair

Lucky are those who have thick hair! Others keep on finding ways to get thick hair. Instead of opting for artificial ways, going with natural solutions to add volume to your damaged hair is a good option. With so many DIY remedy tutorials available on the internet, it can change your look from great to creepy.    

Now home remedies are completely safe, all of us can give a try to almost every home remedy. Remember that not all of the remedies have an equal effect and vary as per your hair texture. Make a smart investment in herbal hair products as some of them are of no good. Not every home remedy is perfect though, and it is uncertain that you will get that extra lift. Still, home remedies can be tried to raise the thickness of normal to fine hair as it doesn’t cost you much.  Check out some effective home remedies for getting thick hair naturally!

Is it possible to get thick hair? 

Hair loss and thin hair are common experiences of people and it sometimes can lower your confidence too. The reason for this can be genetics, stressful life, or deficiency of important nutrients in the body. Efforts can be made to get thick hair but nothing happens in a single day. The results will be more effective if the hair follicles are healthy too.

Do natural remedies work for thick hair growth?

Yes, it can! Whatever be the reason, some natural solutions actually do good work for thick hair growth. 

  • Biotin can work 

This is considered an effective remedy that surely works for hair growth.  Its deficiency can cause hair loss along with skin irritation near the areas of the eyes, nose, and mouth. The hair care products like shampoo and conditioners also have that component. Since it is a water-soluble vitamin, the results will be better if gets taken orally. Your hair loss may get reduced with biotin and you should give it a try.

  • Healthy and hydrated hairs are good 

Another effective home remedy is castor oil that will give your hair a gentle luster. Use it in the form of a deep conditioning mask or apply the oil to the roots and hairs and cover it for some duration. The next step is to wash your hair with good shampoo and do conditioning of hairs. Don’t apply too much oil on the locks as it can give a greasy look to your hair. You can also make your own masks and apply them to your hair for volume. 

Some great oils can help to make the hair thicker and prevents the splint ends too. Also, they promote the blood flow in the scalp and protect the hair shaft. Getting healthier and longer hair is no more complex task. Use oils as an effective hair treatment to prevent dehydration and fragility.

  • Styling

Some of the styling treatments can give you a glimpse of thick hair, only until you do the next shampoo to your hair. The concept of getting thick hair begins with pre-styling products. You need to use the products to get a lift for hairs. Also, if you are a beginner, there are tutorials to blow-dry the hair for getting the lifted root. 

  • Heating won’t always help

If you wish to get bouncy hair, keep your focus on avoiding things rather than applying. Tools like a hairdryer will not make this task easy. Such products dry the hair and make them exhausted. You will find it more difficult to style them and soon it becomes damaged and frizzy. A useful tip to get thick hair is to avoid heat products to get that fluffiness. If you are still using it, start from the top and bring it downwards. This will give a voluminous look to hair. Once you are done with it, tie it with great hair accessories like hair scrunchies in the back. If a hair accessory can make your hair look thicker and give them a bouncy feel, why not give them a try!

  • A trick can do the job

Your hairstyling also reflects the look of your hair. Suppose your hair is thin and you want to give them a fluffy look. Now some hairstyles can be chosen to make the hair look a bit volumized. Try to keep it open or choose a hairstyle that can pretend like adding volume to the hair. Use accessories like a mini claw clip which can do its contribution to what you are trying to achieve. Also, go for a regular scalp massage to give your hair a thicker texture. Similar to your body and skin, hair needs care too. 

Bottom Lines 

A clear and simple formula to get thick hair is getting healthy hair. Even if the home remedies don’t provide much of the benefits, they will not damage your hair either. Give a try to the effective home remedies if you really want a bouncy look. There is no trick to getting so, but you need to make effort!