How to Care for Natural Hair

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There’s something so different and unique about natural hair, that even with a simple hairdo or even if left open for the world to gaze upon, heads turn, smiles form, compliments are given and some on the block even get envious. Well, one thing is for sure, the reactions are quite funny and even peculiar at times. So whether you adore the delicate and ethereal soft curls in cinnamon swirls falling on your face, as sweet as a white chocolate button or you rock hair as black as the purest of velvety nights, 1 Gravity has the solution to a quest every woman with natural hair is on her journey to find. Some 1 Gravity reviews mention the right way to care for and maintain natural hair. We understand the struggle of keeping natural hair and thus, here are natural ways to look after your natural hair.


Well, you know that myth about washing your hair every single day being compulsory? Turns out, you don’t need to wash your hair daily at all. In fact, daily washing really isn’t great for any hair or scalp. Specially, if you prefer staying in because of which there isn’t much exposure to dirt or anything harmful to your hair. Depending on what you are doing each day, just pay attention to your hair and you’ll know when it’s time for another wash. If you are more active, you may find washing to be a more frequent need. Another thing that needs to be taken care of while washing hair, is to use the right temperature of water. For those of us who love taking hot showers and probably make our hair go through the same, stop! Not only does it strip your hair of the natural essential oils found in them, but also leaves them frizzy, dry and static. On the contrary, cold water seals the moisture of your hair and also prevents excessive oil and dirt from entering into the scalp and strands.

Keep it Natural

I know, we know, everyone knows. After all the time you’ve spent watching videos of that lifestyle influencer who has successfully sold out every product they’ve promoted but has it been of any use? We doubt that. Or even the local hairstylist you’ve known for years, who’s the only solution to your hair problems is to hand you a ton of the same product every time you consult her. So, here’s the thing, in simple words, natural hair deserves a natural hair care routine. Don’t use a lot of products because by minimizing the chemicals and additives we put in our hair, our natural hair can really shine. If you really have to use some or other product, try to keep it as natural-based as possible. Then only use it when absolutely necessary. Is it time to whip out a homemade all-natural mask? Yes! Is it time to use good oil and simply massage it in? Yes! Is it time you stop listening to your scamming hairstylist who’s always recommending products that don’t even treat your hair well? YES PLEASE YES!

Let it Air Dry

One of the best yet most basic things you could possibly do for your hair is to let it air dry. It almost always looks its best, without much, in its natural form, and minimizing heat on our hair helps keep it healthy. Of course, you can’t always let it air dry, but the more often you can, the healthier your hair will be.

Well, before we go, we’d just like to tell you that you are absolutely beautiful, absolutely! And trust us, your beauty only gets better with self- acceptance self -love and care. All the very best from 1 Gravity!