7 Things to Learn All About Jewelry Trends


Buying jewelry requires knowledge of various types of jewelry trends. Please read this post for more insights on trends in our jewelry store in Newton, MA. Jewelry is not just a girl’s best friend nowadays; everyone loves jewelry because they help to complement different styles. Various jewelry trends are available everywhere when you look around. Here are some of the best jewelry trends at our jewelry store in Newton, MA.

Many people have different reasons for wearing jewelry. If you are a jewelry fashionista, you know that different jewelry trends often pop up after some time. Other styles keep repeating themselves, while others are new and unique. Remember that there is no wrong way to wear jewelry. Anyone can develop their jewelry style; it may become a trend if it is fantastic.

Alex and Company Jewelry Store Newton Ma Trend

If you have difficulty choosing the best and outstanding jewelry pieces to wear to an occasion, here are some trends you need to know about. Alex and Company offer various types of custom-made jewelry to be worn at all sorts of events. All you need to do is go online and book an appointment with our master jeweler. The type of jewelry you will find at our jewelry store in Newton, MA. Include the following

Engagement Rings

If you have found your life partner and want to get on one knee to propose, a custom-designed engagement ring would be perfect for the occasion. Diamond engagement rings at our jewelry store come in many types and extents to suit your needs. The value of the diamond is set according to the 4Cs, which stands for clarity, color, carat, and cut.

Buying a diamond engagement ring from our jewelry store in Newton, MA, lets you pick from platinum, gold, silver, or white gold metals. The wedding bands are crafted to detail according to the customer’s specifications.


Custom-designed earrings are also available at Alex and Company Newton jewelry stores. We design all our jewelry pieces with the customer in mind. Whether looking for stunning diamond or elegant pearl earrings, you won’t be disappointed with our magnificent selection. From casual to official earrings that match your outfit, you will find them all at our jewelry store in Newton, MA.

Wedding Bands

You can settle for these wedding bands hosting a variety of colorful gems and metals. These bands are available in the finest platinum, 14k, and 18k white gold and feature the best designs. You can find a rose gold band embedded with small diamonds. Also, Newton jewelry stores offer white gold diamond bands with a rhodium finish.

Bridal Necklace

Bridal necklaces are a staple of wedding jewelry. They can be worn as part of the dress or on their own and come in many different styles. The most popular type is the pendant necklace, which has a large jewel attached at the bottom of the chain.

The length of this chain depends on your height and personal preference; however, it’s best to go with something that hits just below your collarbone if you’re wearing an A-line dress or higher up if you’re wearing something more fitted.

Jewelry store employees will help determine what metal type works best for you–gold or silver? And what color should match your dress? They’ll also show off different types of precious stones like diamonds and emeralds so you can choose one that fits your budget.


A bracelet is an excellent way for your girls’ hands (and wrists) to shine without competing with other pieces like rings or necklaces. You could even get custom bracelets made with their initial on them.

Jewelry Appraisal

The jewelry has both financial and sentimental value. At Boston Jewellery stores, we ensure the jewelry is of high quality that you and future generations can enjoy. Protect your investment and secure its longevity using comprehensive jewelry insurance covering damage, loss, and theft. To help you ensure that your insurance correctly values the jewelry investment.

We understand how essential your appraisable is, so we review your jewelry thoroughly and offer detailed appraisals for insurance purposes. The first appraisal is always free of charge with your Alex & Company. We will happily provide an updated review as the jewelry market fluctuates. Appraising your jewelry after every two to three years and honest insurance companies is essential.


Are you looking for the best jewelry store newton ma? Wearing jewelry pieces for the sake of it is not worth it if you genuinely want to make a statement. You always need to know what is trendy in the jewelry industry. Many people need to be more knowledgeable about jewelry trends.