Which is The Best Hair Styling Gel for Curly Hair?

Which is The Best Hair Styling Gel for Curly Hair?

I’m just going to be doing bigger coils on my hair and I’ll be using the new Eco Style Gel It is the Coconut oil one. I bought it from a beauty supply store for six bucks. And this is like the big jar. So, yeah, when two-finger foils using this, I’m also going to use whatever I have left of this lot of body curling style milk. So, there’s not a lot left. I was going to finish and use it up and that’ll be it for today’s post.

So, I know last time and I tried the black castor, flax-seed oil, and Eco Styler Gel Coconut Oil. I had such great reviews, such a great review and such a great response from you guys. So, I once tried this coconut oil one and I’m going into finger coils and we will see if this is a hit or a miss.

That’s a fantastic plan. I have just got. We’re starting to find out. First, I’m going to take my section and I’m just going to apply my product first, so I’m going to get it and working through my hair. So basically, I’m going to take a small piece of my hair styling and I’m going to use my finger, coil, coil, coil. So, yes, it is a very tedious process and it’s probably going to take me a long time, but I want to do it for a while. So, it is what it is. So just to make sure you think you’re doing your thing or close the right way, they should look like a little ringlet. They should legit look like spirals. When you’re done. So, I guess here’s a good example.

So, it should have it should look like a little. It should look like a little ringlet that you can just pull on.

Let’s see another one. It’s really hard to explain, but basically, you take your finger and you go down to the bottom of your hair. And that is the point. So, you have a bunch of these little time clock. So here is where I am so far. And you can kind of see the coils forming. I will come back and show you guys when they’re dry. Just to show you how bouncy finger coils are.

My hair is a different texture than the rest. So, the curls, the quills under here look so, so long. And these are still we’re still kind of hanging. So, they’re not as defined. But let’s stay dry up. They will eventually be just as clearly as these coils under. I think your coils are fully dry and my hair is legit so bouncy and flows, like the I’ll see this movement.

Honestly, I’m not sure which I like better at the moment, whether it’s the coconut oil or the black castor oil, flax-seed oil. But right now, I don’t know the difference between the two. They’re kind of doing the same thing for my hair. So that’s a good thing. I like Eco Styler or the black caster and flax-seed oil gel. That’s my favorite is the Eco Styler Gel Coconut Oil.

So, I think definitely between the coconut oil and the black castor oil, I’m going to stick with the black castor oil. But if it’s out, my sick option will be the Eco style gel coconut oil just because they’re so similar and they define my hair the same. So yeah. So, the coconut oil is a thumbs up for me. I like it and also I love the definition that I have got.

So, I hope this review helps some of you go out and try Eco style gel coconut oil. Comment below what you think about my hair.