When Does Your Hair Need to be Hydrated?

When Does Your Hair Need to be Hydrated

How to Hydrate Your Hair Effectively?

Want to save your hair from damages but don’t form where to initiate? Worry not!

We are here to help you provide perfect hydration which your hair requires from time to time to be protected from damages and breakage. 

You must be wondering, “why your hair requires hydration?

Our hair meets different conditions and environmental factors daily that comes with various negative aspects to destroy the condition of your hair. Thus, there are many reasons that enable your hair to need the hydrating treatment with Shea Moisture products, they are as follows:

Pollutions destroy your hair

When your hair comes in direct contact with harmful rays of the sun or other environmental substances such as wind, dirt and even pollutions, all tend to make your hair dull and dry and easily adaptable to damage. These hazardous pollutants and factors lead to making your hair damage and full of dirt that destroy your hair gradually without letting you observe. Thus, it is important to protect your hair from these harms and get a good hydrating treatment before its too late.

Chemical treatments can be the main cause

If your hair somehow manages to deal with those environmental harms without getting damaged, then you damage it by yourself with opting some hazardous chemical treatments that destroy it completely. various hair treatments like straightening, smoothing, colouring and many more contain a huge amount of chemical in their process to give you effective result faster. These chemicals are the biggest reason that make your damage by leaving their residues that absorbs all the moisture and nutrients of your hair and make it extremely dry and unhealthy.

Avoid products that leave residues

Another main reason that your hair needs hydration after is your premium quality products that come with such hard formulation and elements which makes them leave product build-up on your hair and scalp. The longer these products residues stays in your scalp or hair, the bigger the negative impact of them on your hair would be. Sometimes, even hard water also leaves build-ups and create problems for your hair. 

Ways to make your hair fully hydrated

To save your hair form these build-ups and other issues that can make it damage or dull, it is important that you opt for some effective measures before it completely ruins your hair. The counteracts which are necessary to provide your hair to save it from damages by the above-mentioned causes are as follows:

Apply a good hydrating shampoo and conditioner

Product build-up can be easily tackled by other products that come with a special hydrating formula and does not contains sulfate or paraben in its formulation. You can select any one of these products available today under many different brands and products to cleanse your hair thoroughly and make it free of those residues that damage your hair steadily. You can go with Shea moisture intensive hydration conditioner after a good hydrating shampoo that can completely clean your hair from build-ups while giving healthy and awesome hair.

Oil your hair by using coconut or olive oil

Coconut and olive oil tend to create magic on your hair by adding shine and health to your hair. It not only makes our hair lustrous but also tent to remove all the unnecessary elements from your hair that make it damage like build-up and residues. Oils penetrate deep into your hair shaft or root and doe wonder by cleaning your scalp through if it is used regularly to give massage to your hair and scalp.

Protect your hair from the sun and wind

If you keep treating your hair with good hydration but does not protect it from the harm which creating damage, then it will mean nothing. So, before going to search for a good hydrating product for your hair save it, better to protect it from the causes like sun and wind.

Give deep conditioning treatment at least once a week

Another method that can be applied to make your hair hydrated is applying deep-conditioning treatment or routine in your daily regime. You can also apply a good hydrating masque such as shea moisture intensive hydration masque to repair all the damages caused to it and clean it properly.

Thus, hydration is must if your hair has been facing a lot due to various reasons and environmental elements. You can by a good hydrating product like shampoo, conditioner or hair masque at Cosmetize to make your health and better again.