5 Ways to Take Care of Your Gemstone Jewelry

Peter Wilson in Cleveland Ohio

Gemstones have been many favorites over the ages. Not only do they have to serve as great accessories transforming your entire look and outfit to glory, but it is also known to bring many goodies to one’s life. While gemstone is reputable for the durability, hardness, and high resistance to damage, yet it still needs to be well-taken care of. To maintain the integrity of these gems and studded precious stones and ensure it maintains its beauty and sparkles, gemologist, Peter Wilson in Cleveland Ohio, shares expert tips to taking care of your gemstone jewelry. Therefore, before you dash to the jewelry shop, or get down to cleaning your gemstone yourself, here are things you can do by yourself to get your gemstone shining as bright as new!

Understand your gem collection

Before you decide to get your collection cleaned yourself, the first and the most critical step is to analyze and understand your gemstones. The point is different gemstones have different physical properties. They vary in hardness, toughness, gravity, or density depending on the chemical bonding, the atomic structure within the stone, and the gem enhancement. This means they will react differently to chemicals, heat, humidity, and even chlorinated water. Hence, you first need to understand what your gem is made of. For this, you might have to get a professional for gem identification and appraisal. A reputable and experienced gemologist will not only enlighten you on your collections but also provide tips on how to best take care of them. They can also help analyze the mineral inclusions in gems as well as their physical and chemical properties that can influence the cleaning and care. 

Know how to clean your gemstone

Once you have identified and understood your gemstone collection, and you are considering getting them cleaned, it is important to clean smart and safe. The good thing is that most jewelry cleaners or even dishwashers are considered safe for gemstone cleaning. However, you still want to take extra care and avoid cleaners that contain chemicals that can wreak havoc on your jewelry. First, soak your gem in a bowl of warm water and mild detergent for some moments. Using a soft brush, gently brush out any dirt and use a toothpick to pick out any accumulated dirt. Rinse the stone and gently pat dry with a soft lint-free cloth. “When it comes to gemstone cleaning, patience is key” Peter Wilson in Lakewood Ohio, serving also in the Cleveland area says. “It is also important to understand that not all gemstones can be soaked. Amber, pearls, turquoise, coral, are soft porous gems. This means they should not be soaked and unfortunately, not all cleaners are safe for them. To get them cleaned, simply, use a clean, moist cloth to wipe off any dirt. 

Wear your jewelry the right way

How you use and wear your jewelry is as much important as their cleaning. Your perfumes, hair sprays, lotions, or any other cosmetic contains properties your gem might not like and should be applied before putting on your gemstone. Moreover, do not do any hard labor such as gardening, household chores, or workout while wearing your jewelry.  After use, wipe your jewelry of any sweats or moisture in case it comes in contact with your skin. 

Keep that precious jewelry safe

When your gems are not worn, then you want to kept them in the right way. The last thing you want to do to your gem babies is to toss them in the drawer or in a dish near the dresser. Or just put them near the windows where they can be affected by rays of sunlight and heat. To avoid any scratch or damage, store your gemstones just as you first purchased them. Keep them in the jewelry box, in a pouch, or wrapped in a silk scarf. 

Conduct regular checkups

Just like any other precious possessions, gemstones as well need regular checkup to ensure it retains their beauty and durability. Always get them checked by a professional jeweler for thorough inspection, treatment, and cleaning when needed.