Did you know the Interesting facts about Gemstones?

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Gemstones, gem, jewel, precious stone, semi-precious stone, fine gem, or whatever name you call it have been one of the most valuable accessories of all time. Loved by kings and queens, these precious stones do not only command respect but also sky-high prices. It is always held in high esteem and looks at as a magical, powerful, healing, lucky piece in different cultures for ages. Gemstones are pieces of minerals that have been cut, polished to be turned into jewelry or other adornments. The value lies in the beauty, rarity, durability, and luster. If you found yourself attracted to these renowned gemstones, you are simply at the right place. Here, Peter Wilson in Cleveland Ohio, a Gemologist also providing useful appraisal for all things precious stones, diamonds, and anything in between walks you through interesting facts about gemstones. You will simply be amazed at how much you get to discover about them. 

 Diamond is the hardest gemstones

Diamond is regarded as the world’s largest gemstone.  It is highly durable and only a diamond can scratch it. It’s no surprise it has won many hearts for engagement, parties, and even everyday use as it cannot be easily damaged.

Amber is the softest gemstone

Unlike diamonds, amber is very delicate and is considered the softest gemstone in the world. It is soft and can be easily scratched when it comes in contact with hard substances. That is why it is far better off with earrings and a necklace where there is minimal contact with hard objects. 

A beautiful sapphire went down with the great Titanic

You might probably have watched the famous “Titanic”. Well, it’s not all fiction. The beautiful sapphire necklace actually goes down with the iconic Titanic in 1912. 

Bahia emerald is regarded as the largest gemstone

The largest gemstone ever found that is yet to be unfaceted is Bahia Emerald. It weighs 381kg and contains more than 180,000 carats. It derives its name from where it originated, Bahia which is located in Brazil. 

October birthstones  are the most colorful gemstones

Opal and Tourmaline, the October birthstone are renowned for their shifting colors in rainbow hue. While Tourmaline is everyone’s favorite for its rainbow of beautiful colors, opals are unique with each individual gem crowned in the glorious one-of-it-kind color combination. These gemstones are simply the world’s most beautiful gemstones.  

The green gemstones are Cleopatra’s favorites

Egyptians love the green gemstones and peridot, “the gem of the sun” is said to be Cleopatra’s favorite. It is said that both emerald and peridot were actually often mistaken because of the striking resemblance. However, peridot has always been her favorite always adorned by it. 

Sapphires aren’t only made of blue

Sapphire is known for its typically vibrant blue color. However, the beauty of the sapphire Corundum lies in the fact it can present itself in a wide range of colors such as Black, pink, purple, green, orange, and many more. 

Ancient Greek and Roman belief gemstones are tears of god

The ancient Greeks and Romans actually believe gemstones are tears of god. It is also believed that gemstones are from the shards of the fallen stars. Little wonder it is highly respected and considered sacred. People have ascribed it methodical power that can confer invincibility, contain healing power, and the magic of love. 

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