The best ways to create Magical Eyes with Crazy Contact Lenses

Create Magical Eyes with Crazy Contact Lenses

The decoration and enhancement of our facial appearances have never been out of fashion. After all, it is our looks that tells others about our personality. People have been changing and altering their appearance for centuries, so they can leave an everlasting appearance. This involves facial makeup and eye decoration in different ways.

Nowadays people use many different ways to decorate their faces and their eyes. While facial makeup is centuries old and while we have new ways of doing it, but its roots stretch back to the ancient Egypt. On the other hand the decoration of the eyes has become a more recent fashion trend. The use of decorative glasses on eyes to look more elegant or the use of decorative contact lenses to change or enhance the appearance is quite popular now.

Face Makeup

Facial makeup have also evolved with the advancement of technology. You now have more cosmetics to change and beautify your appearance at will. Things like face powder, eyeliner, eye shadow and mascara are some of the most used makeup instruments. These makeup techniques are now used alongside coloured contact lenses to add more beauty to the appearance. While coloured contact lenses have become more of a primary feature, makeup remains an important part of enhancing your natural looks. It works great if done right.

Before makeup was mostly used by women but now you also see men using makeup to add some gloss to their appearance. If you look at TV hosts and certain male celebrities they get proper facial makeup before they appear in front of the screen. Tom Holland is a prime example.


Glasses are a bit different, but quite effective way of enhancing your appearance. They are easy and pretty convenient to some. While coloured contact lenses are taking over eye decoration, there is no way they are about to end the use of glasses of fashion purposes.

Glasses, when used to make a fashion statement, are a wonderful choice. Glasses have long been associated with adding more class and elegance to the appearance and still you see celebrities sticking to wearing glasses.

Some even wear glasses while they are wearing contact lenses so that when they have to take them off they will still look beautiful.


Contact lenses have become more popular in recent years. It is not just celebrities but people also have been using coloured contact lenses and other special effect lenses like Halloween contact lenses to enhance their looks

Below I am going to mention some of the types of coloured contacts:

  • Visibility tint — Coloured contacts have coloured tints on them to provide them with colour. Visible tints have faint colour just so you can see them
  • Enhancement tint — These are translucent tints and they are widely used to enhance the natural colour of the eye.
  • Opaque tint — Opaque tints are completely non-transparent and they cover the eyes completely. They change the colour of your eyes while you wear them. They are only used for dark eyes as enhancement tints do not work on light coloured eyes. Your Halloween contact lenses are also opaque tints.

Most of the fictional characters created on the TV screens by actors use coloured contact lenses to enhance or change their appearance to look more like the character they are playing.

Important safety tips about Halloween contact lenses and other coloured contact lenses

You know there is nothing wrong in changing or enhancing your appearance with coloured contact lenses or Halloween contact lenses for Halloween. But, while it is fun and stylish, you must be cautious about the dangers posed by contact lenses if you handle them carelessly

It is always the first mandatory option to get a prescription from a doctor. Moving on, you must not buy from shady dealers, only renowned brands. Also, clean your lenses properly with disinfectant solution and never share your lenses with anyone.