Different Types of Jeans for Women – The Style Guide

Types Of Jeans For Women

Wearing Jeans is very much an in fashion trend from years to till date.  This comfortable yet style statement is preferred and chosen by both men and women of different age groups to showcase their style and beauty.  This inn trend has provoked designers from different parts of the globe to design different variations of jeans for both men and women to make them look more attractive and trendy.  Today, hereby we will be looking at some of the different variations of jeans that are very much in fashion for a woman alone.

Types Of Jeans For Women

The low rise (plain)

According to Indiashoppers.in, This is one of the most in fashion variants of jeans that set you ready for your outing at any time of the day flaunting your waist in the best possible way.  It simply looks cool and stunning on young girls having a slim and trim body.  These low risers fit very well with trendy colourful tops and T-shirts.  Different colour variants are easily available in the market including denim, peach black, gray, white, red and etc as well.

The high rise (plain)

Like the low rise, the high rise also goes very well with the current trend of ladies’ fashion.  This one is perfectly designed to fit your waistline in a more comfortable yet elegant way toning up and giving it a perfect look.  With a combo of skinny belt these types of outfits can match with any style of top and shits depending on your choice.  This is truly an ultimate comfort provider, but with its own style statement.

The body fit

Most of the young girls in today’s date like to wear these types of body or skin fit jeans.  They are very much trendy and look decent on the teens.  It comes in different types of shades including the normal denim, black, white, grey, light blue and the colour range is endless.  These jeans can be easy worn for attending parties or moving out for a date.  It goes very well with short shirts, T-shirts, colourful designer tops and etc.

The boyfriend jeans

Popularly known as the boyfriend jeans these jeans look a little different from those trending.  These generally have loose, baggy fittings but have a tight fit appearance with loose hip and legs.  Due to their appearance it has always been a favourite among those who like casual fittings, plain and simple and best suites for going out or on a long trip.  You will feel comfortable and causal due to its cutting expertise though it looks very trendy and fashionable.

Straight jeans

The straight jeans or popularly known as the cigarette jeans look pretty straight and narrow in its cutting but do not gets widen at the ankles.  Don’t go by its look as it is comfy jeans that you can choose if you are willing to move outside with a casual look.  Those who are not a fan of skinny and flattering jeans cutting can try this trend without a doubt.  This cutting balances the hip well yet looks stunning on the young girls and women of different age groups.

The boot cut jeans

This boot cut jeans basically represents the older fashion that was very much in during the ’70s and ’80s.  These jeans are absolutely perfect for all age groups and especially for the woman who always has to step out for work.  These jeans look stunning on different types of body shapes.  These boots are cut with high heels having an ample amount of wide opening so that you can walk comfortably.  There are different variants of colour available

For these types of latest jeans.

The flared jeans

These jeans are found of different variants and generally comprises of 100% cotton.  They are also popularly known as the bell-bottoms that become wider down the knees forming a bell-like shape.  These types of jeans are very popular mostly among women and young girls due to their easy usability and comfort wearing.  The jeans provide elegance to the style statement and go best with most of the uppers including tops, T-shirt, short shirts and etc. You can apply for Assistant Fashion Designer Jobs to know about this field.

The Jeggings

The Jeggings are one of the most trend jeans worn today by the woman.  They are basically leggings in denim fabric that goes well with most of the T-shirts, tops, halters and off-shoulders.  These are comfortable in all seasons and can be used for any occasion giving 100% comfort.

Thus use jeans as your best style statement.  All-time, every time.