A Complete Guide To Buy A Sapphire Jewellery

Blue Sapphire

Everybody loves to wear different types of precious jewellery. Jewellery in diamonds and gemstones enhance our look and status in society. However, there are certain steps that you need to follow while buying a piece of jewellery having diamonds and precious gemstones. Sapphire is one such precious gemstone that people love to wear. Different types of jewellery in sapphire stone, particularly in blue sapphire stone are immensely popular. Blue sapphire rings, blue sapphire earrings, bracelets and so on are some of the famous sapphire jewellery.
This article will guide you in understanding certain factors to buying sapphire jewellery.

Many authentic jewellery shops in the UK, such as AG & Sons will provide you with hallmarked and certified sapphire jewellery such as sapphire earrings (sapphire earrings UK) and so on. Not only that, but jewellery with other precious stones is also available with hallmarks and certificates. Sapphire is one of those gemstones that is classy, and elegant and gives an alluring and sophisticated look when you wear it. This gemstone, particularly the blue sapphire, has been long connected with British royalty. Not only rings, but blue sapphire necklaces are also immensely popular among people all across the world.

Sapphire can be found in different regions of the world. Some of the famous regions where sapphire is commonly found are, China, Thailand, Eastern Australia, parts of North America, Africa, Madagascar and so on. The gemstone is a variation of the Corundum mineral. Although blue is the most famous colour of this gemstone, it is also found in other different colours as well.

There are several factors which you need to consider while buying a piece of jewellery with sapphire stone. Let us now have a look at some of the factors that will help you in future while buying sapphire jewellery.

The colour of the sapphire

As already mentioned, although blue is one of the most famous colours of this gemstone, it is available in several other colours as well. You need to have a piece of proper knowledge about some of these colourful sapphires before buying the best one for yourself:

  • Yellow sapphire: This colour gives a vibe of cheerfulness. A sapphire stone in this colour is immensely adored all across the world. It is yellow in colour, because of the presence of some elements of iron during the formation of the stone.
  • Green sapphire: This sapphire stone is available in different hues of green. The shades range from lime green to forest green. It symbolises honesty, truth and integrity. Just like the yellow sapphire, it is also green because of the presence of iron during its formation.
  • Purple sapphire: It is one of the rare colours of sapphire available in the market. A piece of jewellery in this colour of sapphire looks elegant, sophisticated and unique. It is purple in shade because of the presence of chromium and titanium.
  • Red sapphire: Red sapphire is generally classified as ruby, although it comes from the mineral corundum as that of sapphire of other colours. The colour is red because of the presence of a high level of chromium.
  • Blue sapphire: Blue is the most common colour of sapphire stone. You must have seen many celebrities and great personalities wearing different types of jewellery in blue sapphire, blue sapphire rings being the most common ones. The colour is blue because of the addition of titanium and iron to the corundum.

The clarity of the sapphire stone

Another factor that you need to consider after the colour of the sapphire is the clarity of the stone. Basically, this gemstone comes with a slightly visible inclusion. A common type of inclusion is found in most sapphires and they are called needles. Needles are the thin and small fine lines that are running through the inside of the sapphire stone. Whether the stone is original or not is identified with this visible inclusion.

Cut off the sapphire stone

Another important factor you need to consider while buying sapphire jewellery is the cut of the gemstone. Because it is the cut that enhances the beauty and brilliance of the jewellery. Various facets and symmetries in which the stone is cut are important to consider. Round, oval, cushion, pear, radiant and marquise are some of the famous cuts of the sapphire stone. Sapphire earrings (sapphire earrings UK) are mostly found in an oval shape.

Carat weight of Sapphire

Last but not the least, the carat weight of the sapphire gemstone is highly important. Generally, this gemstone is heavy in nature. So a sapphire stone with the same carat weight as that of the diamond will be small in size. Generally, a sapphire stone of one carat is larger than 6mm in size. The size of the sapphire stone is directly proportional to the carat weight and the cost. Therefore, if you are buying a blue sapphire necklace, the price of the necklace will depend upon the carat weight and the number of sapphires used in it.