Best Mens Jewellery Brands 2023

Men's Jewellery

For ages, men’s jewellery has been confined to watches and at most, wedding rings and engagement rings. Not all men like to sport jewellery. Moreover, only royals are witnessed wearing traditional jewellery at special events nowadays.

But modern jewellers have cracked the code and evolved men’s jewellery to make it more relatable and suit the latest clothing trends. Men choose jewellery that talks about their style and choices. They are least concerned to match it with their outfits ( the formal clothing does need specific rules to follow though). The stereotype has been broken, and men’s jewellery is no longer traditional or cultural. Endless choices are available online and offline for your father, boyfriend, friend, brother or just a male colleague.

So lets’ find out what’s gonna make up to the men’s jewellery list for 2023.

Tom Wood

Established in 2013, Tom Wood was founded by Mona Jensen with a small collection of jewellery. This brand focused on the modern interpretation of the iconic signet rings. The brand rose to fame instantly and is gaining fame and name since then. Tom wood has high-end designs in the men’s category. Cage rings and cage bracelets are an absolute delight. The collection of bracelets, earrings, studs, and pendants will make you lose your pockets. They seem to understand the needs of youth and design jewellery in exactly the way it’s required.

Luis Morais

This luxury brand needs no introduction. Men with absolute regal taste in jewellery are well informed of the name. The best feature of the brand lies in its uniqueness of pieces and more importantly the products are all handmade. All the jewellery pieces are chic and inspired by real-life things. Luis Morris believes in taking references from the environment we live in and the cultures and traditions being followed around the world for centuries. His collection is not for everyone though. His designs are definitely distinct from the formal set of jewellery. But that’s what makes it worth a try.

Hatton Labs’

Founded and established in London, Hatton’s Lab is a store of jewellery with contemporary collections. The style and designs are basically inspired by traditional jewellery but the designers have made quite an effort to give it a perfect twist to make it work in modern times. Neck chains, pendants, earrings and bracelets, you won’t find anything similar to any other piece ever. They are discrete and gorgeous. It’s a perfect blend of past and future.

Hancocks Signet Rings

Blown the trumpet in 1849, Hancocks Signet Rings have skyrocketed its fame since then. The brand is known for tiaras and diamond jewellery. Hancocks London became a famous brand for its elegant signet rings. The store still has a ravishing collection of signet rings. The quality of jewellery pieces is unmatchable. The brand also sells merchandise from famous French designers. It’s a perfect store for your men’s jewellery collection. You can get a perfect wedding ring or even a casual jewellery item. Their specialty lies in hand engravings. If you are looking for any vintage or antique piece, it is the brand to trust.

Shop Lune

To make the world a better place, Shop Lune was founded and established in India By a young female entrepreneur Shreesha Shetty. She believes that beauty lies in raw and disconnected India. She aims to upgrade the life of local artisans and give a platform to their natural talent. The brand has featured unrealistic and completely artistic jewellery options. This brand tends to grow this year with an optimal margin specifically in the men’s category. The brand is inspired by celestial bodies, thus the Lune man category has it all for you in this section. Charms and bracelets are something rare and precious.

Le Gramme

The brand is the result of utmost creativity. All the collections under this name are undoubtedly the best for men. The elegance of the products can make a massive change to personality just like that. Le Gramme holds all the assets of making it into the top band’s list for 2023. Not just their wedding rings and engagement rings but their bracelets, neck chains and earrings are worth a look. The brand also offers a customisation facility for a personal touch. It’s a luxury brand but it’s a lifetime investment, and of course, your choice creates a significant influence on your personality.


The Miami-based founder of Miansai had this vision of making it big in the men’s jewellery world. He founded this brand back in 2008 and got a fair amount of fame in this category. Working for one and half decade, the brand got quite big and now have many other jewellery items in women’s categories too. From gold, silver, diamonds, and leather, they have jewellery items in every metal. The designs are simple and less complicated to make you look sophisticated and purely elegant. If you are more into classic jewellery, you must check out their collection of signet rings.

Stolen Girlfriend Club

The stolen girlfriend club gives the essence of some rapper sort of jewellery collection. It’s more of an informal store for men’s jewellery. Falling cross necklace, Nail bolt ring, Hiss ring, and onyx rings talk a ton about some extremely dark yet playful jewellery pieces. The engraved rings in sterling silver are affordable and look quite stylish. This brand primarily focuses on more casual and experimental designs. This is the best place to find an accessory for your next crazy night party at some freaking live concert.