3 Major Platforms For Promote YouTube Videos Online

You Tube Video

Your audiences will be interested in the high-quality videos you’ve produced. You now wish to advertise YouTube videos! Where else can you use your material to increase visibility, except the video optimization you’ve done to dominate YouTube and Google keyword searches? Your videos should be available everywhere your consumers and potential customers go to gain more viewers.

Paid advertising is not the sole option, especially in light of the rising ad aversion. By fusing your strengths with matters that matter to potential clients and contributing to the debate that interests your target audience, you may attract greater attention. You can express your opinions on the various media outlets and content you can use to promote YouTube videos in this blog.

Three Different Channels of Distribution

The cognitive search and intelligence platform Attivio claims that video drives 300% more traffic, doubles the amount of time visitors stay on a website and boosts page views by 63%. You need to strike a balance between employing all of your distribution platforms and data-driven SEO techniques to bring quality traffic to your YouTube videos. For maximum engagement, an effective plan incorporates numerous media kinds. Here is a short diagram that contrasts owned, paid, and earned media.

YouTube Video Promotion Using Owned Distribution

All of the content that brands produce and manage falls under the category of owned media, including websites, blogs, natural social media postings, emails, and more. To strengthen your brand message, you can link to your YouTube video on your site. You can also spread the word about your video across multiple pages, including blog posts.

To engage your current customers, make an email campaign if your video is appropriate for the task. Additionally, you must advertise videos on your social media platforms to encourage interaction and dialogue with your audience. Utilize each advertisement carefully to increase your following and potential clientele with each video you produce.

YouTube Video Promotion using Earned Distribution

This is the amount of attention that is brought about by word-of-mouth, such as active sharing from your fans or reposts or retweets. This may be the most reliable distribution to increase brand recognition and build a following of devoted clients. However, because you have little control over the response, it is more volatile than other distribution strategies.

The secret to gaining organic distribution is to satisfy the demands of your audience by investigating their requirements and wants using data-based insight and producing content in line with those findings. Your videos can generate earned distribution in several effective ways, including through social media, reviews, endorsements, and other types of responses. With the correct outreach plan, earned media may assist your audience in creating distinctive bonds and shared experiences with your business.

YouTube Video Promotion Through Paid Distribution

Paid video commercials can range from sponsored Facebook posts to Google ads, YouTube ads, and other prominent social media ads for promoting brand videos. Different social media ads are utilized to target different people depending on your demographics. While paid media continues to be important for organizations looking to expand their consumer base or guarantee speed and scale, brands are no longer as reliant on sponsored advertisements. Notably, businesses are moving away from buying attention and towards earning it by producing original content.


We advise using the following 3 channels to distribute your YouTube videos:

  • Distribution owned
  • Distribution earned
  • Distribution for a fee

Creating, promoting, and optimizing your video content: A Complete Guide Let’s discuss YouTube. Most likely, we’ve all wasted an afternoon watching pointless cat videos. Although YouTube has long been a source of enjoyable material, it also asserts itself as a crucial tool for marketers. In actuality, 55% of marketers use YouTube as a component of their overall marketing plan.

That’s terrific, but my audience isn’t on YouTube, you might be thinking. Well, reconsider. YouTube has over two billion active users globally, and one-quarter of internet users view videos for 10 hours or more each week. The platform is so comprehensive that 76 different languages can be used to access it. Not yet persuaded? YouTube not only has your target audience, but it also has the potential to boost your SEO and brand recognition as the second-largest search engine online.

Marketers may present distinctive content on YouTube that is simple for consumers to consume and share. For brands, using YouTube marketing might be scary. It blends one of the most resource-intensive media types, video, with a strategic principle, SEO. For both experienced YouTube users and brand-new users, we have developed this comprehensive tutorial.

We’ll go over every stage of YouTube marketing in the sections below, from setting up a channel and optimizing your videos for search engines to running an ad campaign and understanding video analytics. How do you advertise fresh YouTube content? If you want to learn more about video marketing strategy, be sure to receive our free YouTube marketing guide for businesses. Let me know in the comments below.