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It is very common these days that a lot of academicians and students are indulged in research papers and thesis. Research papers consist of elaborating a subject by dividing two types of hypotheses for the topic in which one needs to be nullified and others to be proved. for creating a research paper a student or research needs to get into extensive information collected through various verified sources. Information collection is also done from primary sources by collecting them through serving or interviewing people or by experimenting on real-life scenarios. Further information collected comes out to be either quantitative or qualitative which needs to be thoroughly and critically analysed both numerically and theoretically to bring a conclusion to the research being done.

Creating a research paper is not a very easy task to do as it requires complete indulgence of the researcher into the topic to bring out his or her creative geniuses and critical thinking ability. There are several sections of a research paper they are abstract, introduction, literature review, methodology, objective and aim, analysis, recommendation and limitations, and conclusion. The conclusion of the research paper depends on the aims and objectives of the research and also on the research questions. There are various research methodologies through which the research is being conducted.

Other than research papers there are several forms of research essays that are part of academics now. Research essays are a form of writing elaborative and constructive theories on a particular topic or situation chosen. Essays are different types such as narrative essays, descriptive essays, argumentative essays, and expository essays. All these four kinds of essays have different forms of writing and are very distinctive from each other. Whereas the primary part of an essay writing remains the same that is an essay must be clear and concise, it should have a proper structure, and the language which is used needs to be very crisp to convey the right form of a message to the readers. An essay must be constructive and should have a purpose that further tells the fact that a proper conclusion must be there in an essay as the main focus of the essay should be channelized towards having a conclusion of some sort.

Research essays demand a high amount of information search through various mediums either from primary sources or secondary sources. Primary sources consist of the data which is collected directly from the field and which is 100% authentic and can be relied on upon without any second thought marriage secondary data sources are the published information that are available over the internet, magazines, and newspapers. Secondary sources are the primary research work that is done by someone else. Information collected from both of these sources is used for analysing situations while writing an essay. Writing research essays brings out the creativity and uniqueness of the writers and therefore initiates critical thinking and the power of analysis within them.

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