How to Make Your Washer and Dryer Last Longer in 2021

cleaning of washing machine

Most people know how to take care of their washers and dryers, but very few people know how to make your washer and dryer last longer. I am sure that thousands of people out there have learned how to clean their dryer or their washer every time it was in use, but the lifespan of appliances can be significantly improved by taking a few simple steps. When you are looking for ways to extend your washer and dryer’s life, you have a few options that you can try. Some of these tips and tricks may work for you, while others might not.

Washer vent cleaning

The first thing that you want to look at when trying to make your washer and dryer last longer is the washer vent cleaning. Certain parts of the dryer tend to gather a lot of dirt and grime over time. It is easy to clean the vent with a damp cloth and a little detergent. You do not have to buy any special cleaning detergent since most of them will do the job just fine. Ensure that you follow the package directions carefully so that you do not ruin any of your washer parts.

If the washer vent becomes clogged, you can quickly clear it out using some necessary cleaning supplies.

Checks for Leaks and other types of problems

Another thing that you can do to keep your washer and dryer vent clean is to have the dryer serviced periodically. This will allow your dryer to be checked for leaks and other types of problems. You should have your dryer serviced every year or so. This will prevent your dryer from wearing out faster and allowing it to continue working correctly. You can find a local company that offers dryer service by checking in your telephone directory.

Use of Detergents

Making your washer and dryer last longer may include changing out the detergents you are using in your clothes. You should also purchase a fabric softener for your washer and dryer. The detergent you use to wash your clothes can leave residue on the fabric if it is not changed regularly. Having the detergent changed at least once a week will help keep the stains from building up and making your clothes smell even worse. You can also have your dryer filters changed once a year.

cleaning of washing machineIf you wonder how to make your washer and dryer last longer, one of the best options is to replace the dryer vent with a new model. Old washer vent filters do not keep hot air from escaping and endangering your home. More recent models will vent the dryer more effectively, keeping any potential fire risks away. It is important to note that specific dryer vent models can only be replaced with the original equipment if you need a dryer with a newer vent system than you will have to buy a different machine altogether.

Making Your Washer and Dryer Last Longer is also beneficial in protecting your home. Homes with older dryers can start to suffer from problems such as a rusty vent. This can cause corrosion and rust, which can lead to holes in walls and ceilings. Besides, the constant opening and closing of the dryer can damage the washer. The continuous opening and closing may eventually wear down the washer’s motor and cause it to malfunction.

Washing of Dryer

Cleaning of laundry machine floors doesn’t have to be complicated. It really all depends on how good you are at scrubbing and how much stubborn stain you are dealing with. Once you know how to clean laundry machine floors then it really is not that difficult of a chore. Here are some tips to help you on your way to making your machine shine again. Usually, professional dry cleaning service providers use such techniques for cleaning of their dryer and washing machines effectively.

Tips to use laundry machine effectively

The tip to use to clean the laundry machine effectively is to keep your hands away from the machine. When you touch the drum with your hands then you are transferring the dirt from your hands onto the drum. This is something that you should avoid doing at all costs. If you want to be able to learn how to clean laundry machine floors well then you need to keep your hands off of the drum at all times. You should also make sure that your clothes are completely out of the cycle before attempting to remove any sort of stain from the drum.


Replacing your old dryer with a newer model can be expensive, but many stores offer to finance the repairs or cleaning. If you posses an older model, you must check out your warranty to see what type of coverage you have on your appliance. Most guarantees will cover the repair costs of your washer or dryer. This can help you save money when compared to replacing it yourself.