Benefits of Placing Uruli at Home According to Vastu


Our rich Indian history comprises magnificent chapters which not only impart knowledge but also unveil various ways which can fill our lives with positive energies and various other benefits. We will discuss two segments of spheres of energy today. Which appear different on a surface level, but are actually woven together. These two segments are Vastu Shastra and Uruli. Let’s first understand what Urali is and why it is important to place it in a certain place and a certain direction before discussing the benefits of placing it in Vastu.

About Urali

Urli has been one of the most popular artifacts which have been used since ancient times. Indian states in the south use it mostly to cook. The word ‘Uruli’ derives from the Tamil word ‘Urulai’, which means ’round shaped bowl’. In ancient times, people of South India used to prepare food in the urali. Over time, interior decorators realized that Urali could also serve as a piece of art with Vastu Shastra if installed accordingly. So, if you wish to get an Urli, you can buy the Urli bowl online.

About Vastu Shastra

Vastu Shastra is an ancient Indian study of architecture that works on the principles of Vastu Purush and which majorly considers nature before designing or building a structure. This study is one of the oldest architectural studies that have offered great results. Let us now learn about the significance of Urli in a Vastu setup.

As time evolved, many changes took place in the architectural field and even in the interior decoration segment. Adding a traditional touch to the modern décor is what gives the entire Vastu a sense of warmth and also offers a range of benefits.

There are various designs of Urli which are available in the market. Every design of Urli denotes something. According to Vastu Shastra, the placement of each and everything plays a pivotal role.  There are many benefits associated with placing an Urli in a specific direction and area in your home, which is a traditional cylindrical vessel.

Be it grand venues like hotels, resorts, marriage halls, the lobby of a residential complex, a house, or any other Vastu, the interior designers use Urli extensively. Many companies sell the Urli bowl online. With the change of time, the Urli bowls are available in various materials, shapes, designs, sizes, and colors. Let us look at the various reasons and benefits Urli offers.

Benefits of placing Uruli at home according to Vastu

It stresses the importance of installing an article symbolizing water because Vastu Shastra associates money with water.  Ululi will add the perfect touch to an entrance door if filled with water, flowers, and other decorative elements.  Thus, the Urli attracts wealth with its water element.

  • By placing the Uruli outside the main door of your home or office. You can protect the Vastu from negative energies.
  • With a Puja altar or facing deity idols with a filled Urli decorated with flowers, one appeases the gods and sends out peace and harmony’s energies. 
  • The placement of Urli in the middle of the drawing-room or hall is said to offer peace of mind and calm the wavering thoughts.
  • Supposedly, placing the Urli in the North-East direction of your house or office will correct the Vastu Dosha. If you have defects in Vastu. You can simply correct the defect by installing water-filled Urli in the North East.
  • Ishan corner is the northeast corner of your house.  According to legend, it ensures success in life.
  • According to Hindu beliefs. Installing an Urli in the corner of your house that faces north or east is a good way to gain financial stability. In legend’s words, it attracts positivity as well.
  • According to legend, placing an Urli in the center of the living room/hall will bring harmony.
  • You can either place the Urli on a table or place it on the floor.
  • It creates a pleasant ambiance.
  • If you put little cubes of camphor in the Urli, it can repel mosquitoes and benefit your health.

Indian Tradition

Thus, Urli, an old traditional cookware pot has gained tremendous popularity in the field of décor and art. An Urli can be used in many ways. But one of the most beneficial methods is to fill it with water. As outlined above, and place it in various locations and directions.

Now that you know the range of benefits Urli offers. Buy Urli bowl online by browsing through the variety of options available online and fill your house and your life with bliss.