What You Need to Know When Building Your Dream Home

anthony wardan

Building a new home is a form of investment and security for new homeowners. It is an investment because they can sell in the future for a reasonable profit and it gives a sense of security to them because they own the building. A homeowner goes through rigorous processes, from funding to planning, designing, choosing the right materials, and finally, constructing. Here are the things to keep in mind when building a new home.

Seek legal counsel

“Seek the legal advice from a construction lawyer” advised Anthony Warden, a director at Maple Living Company that builds houses. The quality of renovation done on a home will determine the value of the house later. It means it can affect the market price if you want to sell it in the future. So if you are commencing a fresh project, it is best to seek legal counsel. A construction lawyer ensures you are not breaking any federal or local building rules and gives you legal support.

Have a Solid Storage Plan

The most intriguing part of building a new home is planning for storage space. Many people pay attention to the master bath and its accompanying accessories and leave little space for other rooms. “Having enough storage space increases the real estate value of your home. It has impacts on the organization and decoration of your house and the lifestyle” stated Anthony Warden. Therefore, keep this important point in mind when you design and start constructing your house.

Make Inquiries on Contractors

Your homework as a new homeowner is to do some findings on any contractor you wish to use. Ask around the locality and check whether they are legally licensed to operate. Anthony Warden buttressed this point in an interview “At Marple Living, we show our clients our licenses, referrals and registration forms. We let them know we are a reputable company that does not elude tax. We give them proof that we follow the federal and local construction guidelines.” Never hire any building worker without proper investigation to avoid being scammed or having a substandard home. You will have to spend time and money again to rebuild any damaged part of the house if you do.

Allocate funds for Fixtures

It can be confusing at times to know where to disburse your money when you build a new house. Why not invest in accessories or appliances that will still be there even when you renovate your home later on? An example is high-quality fixtures. Limit your budget on trendy items that might seem trivial, unnecessary and easily discardable in the future. 

Plan for the long term

Plan your house in a way that makes it flexible for any future refurbishing. Yes, constructing a new house is arduous but worthwhile. Plan ahead, make room for changes and leave space for storage. It will save you time and money in the future.

Home Lifestyle

Incorporate your home life into the layout of your house. The size of the house, your budget, and your storage space are factors that influence your lifestyle or home living. Let your architect understand perfectly that you want to balance your living habits with your home design. 

Prioritize Your Budget According to Your Needs

If money becomes tight, there is a need for you to prioritize how to allocate your budget. You may begin with the bathroom and kitchen, then follow with the bedrooms and the living room.

The magnitude of your house

Your house size is determined by your budget, space, your family size and your lifestyle so ensure it suits your needs. It might be a bit tricky to get the right size because the concept of space can be different from reality.

In summary, talk to your architect about the concept of space, do proper research before you employ any contractor and strictly follow building rules. Remember, not to plan above what you can afford.