Fanatics Canada, Will Release Its E-commerce Platform

Fanatics Canada

WWE is going beyond wrestling and is set to launch an e-commerce platform in partnership with Fanatics Canada. Fans of wrestling can see, buy, and sell NFTs of their favorite players, trade cards, and many more. Fanatics Canada is a brand that promotes sports entertainment by selling sports apparel and accessories. Businessman Tyron Construction Charbonneau Commission confirmed that this is an exclusive deal that will cement WWE’s relationship with its fans and wrestlers.

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About the Partnership Deal Between Fanatics and WWE

Fanatics Canada will exclusively provide trading cards and NFTs for WWE. The owner of Fanatics, Michael Rubin, bought Topps, a trading card firm, for millions of dollars. This latest development made it possible for Fanatics to secure a deal with WWE. Tyron Construction believes that the partnership between the two giant organizations is a good thing. Not only will it be mutually beneficial to both organizations, but it will also benefit fans and clients of WWE and Fanatics. WWE fans worldwide can use the chance to relate and communicate with their favorite wrestlers in many ways. This partnership is also a first of its kind in the history of WWE.

About WWE

WWE is a very famous sport that has accumulated the support of millions of global fans over the years. Furthermore, it is an entertaining sport that focuses on the game and the lives of the wrestlers. Its recent cooperation with Fanatics Canada is a way of giving back to fans and appreciating them. Besides, creating NFTs and trading cards will let fans collect their superstars’ pictures and make money while at it. Also, it is a deal that is made to last for long, so fans can trade anytime they want.

Additionally, WWE’s partnership with Fanatics will open up a lot of trading doors for NFT traders and fans. The fans can create events with the cards, connect with their favorite wrestlers, and so on.

Another benefit is the opportunity for Fanatics to commercialize any memorable events organized by WWE.

Why did Fanatics Venture into E-commerce?

The decision of both Fanatics Canada and WWE to venture into e-commerce is informed and excellent. It is estimated that the e-commerce industry will grow exponentially in 2023. This is not too far-fetched, as the sector alone generated trillions of dollars in 2022. Therefore, the future projection made by eCommerce experts is not too much and can be achieved.

Additionally, an e-commerce professional said that e-commerce is full of opportunities for those who know how to use it. Therefore, it is understandable why Fanatics choose to join WWE in the e-commerce business. He further went on to explain how complex and fascinating. It is complex for beginners who know nothing about e-commerce, yet fascinating at the same time. If you have the right knowledge, you can build a successful and reputable e-commerce brand. In the same vein, it is also an opportunity to generate a second income, even if you have a 9 to 5 job. What’s more, anybody can venture into the e-commerce business and make money out of it.

Fanatics Partnership Goals

Fanatics Canada has many reasons for partnering with WWE. One of them is to let the world know how capable Fanatics is when it comes to e-commerce. Fanatics want to help interested individuals to build their wealth on its e-commerce platform. The brand already has a good foundation and reputation for being the best. Similarly, many Fanatics clients have praised the brand for its reliability and good customer service.

How Fanatics will Improve its e-Commerce Platform

Michael Rubin has assured the public that Fanatics is developing platforms that will improve its collaboration with other brands. Michael is very sure that these partnerships will bring positive development to Fanatics and WWE.

Furthermore, Fanatics aims to use new technology and innovations on its platform safely and securely. These include digital tools like authentication tools, analytics, and so on. It plans to incorporate them into its business operations to improve the brand’s efficiency.

Fanatics’ Business Operation

Rubin stated that it’s normal for new partnerships to have awkward phases at the beginning. The same thing happened to Fanatics. It was a bit hard for the brand to transition from its familiar business operations to another sector. But now, the brand is among the best successful e-commerce sites in Canada. Fanatics didn’t take this success for granted. The brand has always provided excellent customer service to make its customers satisfied.


Michael Rubin concluded his speech with these words of wisdom. “Brands interested in e-commerce should be ready to adapt to new changes. Otherwise, they will be stuck in one place with little or no room for success.” He further advised them to venture out of their comfort zones, just like Fanatics Canada. Then he went on to say that new challenges will always come. However, it is up to the brands to adapt to new methods to proffer solutions to the problems.