Turning Solar Leads Into Conversion: Top 6 Effective Ways

Solar Leads

“How to find qualified solar leads?” This one question strikes through every solar marketer’s mind. Read this blog to find out how you can convert your solar leads into sure-sure conversions.

More and more people are inclined towards eco-friendly and affordable means. This has increased the demand for solar energy.

According to a survey, the solar photovoltaic’ capacity in America has increased from 0.34 GW in 2008 to 97.2 GW today. This amount of energy is equivalent to fuel on an average of 18 million homes.

Do you know what this means?

This is the right time for solar companies to invest in solar services. However, implementing this whole process is not easy. Letting people shift from the existing fuel sources to solar panels will require a lot of effort.

But with the right solar energy marketing plan, you can convert your solar leads into successful conversions. 

Let’s dive into the effective ways to close solar panel leads.

Marketing Strategies for Solar Leads Generation

Understand Your Potential Audience

Having an in-depth knowledge of who is looking for your solar panel services is crucial. In your quest for solar leads, you will come across different types of suburbs. For some, money may not be the issue; they are just looking for the best solar system. While money can be an issue for some nursing homes which are looking for the most cost-effective plan.

Therefore, a generic solar panel pitch can’t be delivered to every homeowner. It needs to be modified as per the family’s requirements. 

For example, 

consider how the electricity bill per unit has increased by X% in the last three years. But don’t worry. Here is how you can reduce your energy costs.

In other words, if you don’t understand your customers’ needs, you won’t get qualified solar leads.

Don’t Focus on Selling But Solution

Overselling your services is a clear-cut no! Here is where most solar marketing companies step up incorrectly and miss the next-door solar leads. Rather, listen to their problems. Try to understand them and, if possible, bring the best solution to them.

But how will it help you generate solar leads? Ok, hear us out.

You are not the only one who researches potential clients. The customer does too. But the only difference is the lack of knowledge. They are here only because of the lucrative offers your solar company is marketing online. They have no clue about what kind of services or plans will be suitable for them.

This leaves space for the solar experts to guide them. You can educate them in different manners with different social media platforms. For example, you can make YouTube videos or create how-to reels on Instagram or share a blog post on LinkedIn. 

Whatever suits you the best, follow it and offer the best-customized solution. This will build your trust within your customer base. And, thus it will increase the likelihood of generating solar leads for your company.

Invest in Solar Marketing Campaign

An organic and paid approach can be used to generate solar leads.

Organic Ads

In the present time, social media is a powerful marketing tool. Every business is taking advantage of it, and you should too.

You can generate more organic solar leads at a relatively faster pace. The only thing is that you need to bind your audience with your content. Don’t worry. You have to start somewhere, so consider this your starting point.

So, first things first. Make a list of all major platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and others. And start providing quality content to your customers. Make sure you prioritize quality over quantity. Don’t let yourself get trapped in the vicious circle of numbers.

Next, create different types of content as per the demands of the platform. You could, for example, make a detailed solar panel YouTube video. And, in this, you educate about solar energy and the dos and don’ts. Or product-based reels or posts on Instagram, and more like this.

And finally, plan a dedicated time to have a one-on-one engagement session with your potential customers. and answer their questions.

Believe us, if you take this thing in the right direction, you will see the results in no time.

Paid Ads

Organically generating solar leads traffic takes time. But you can fuel this process by investing in paid marketing campaigns. In the PPC, or pay-per-click, model, marketers need to pay a cost every time someone clicks on their advertisements. This is a very fruitful strategy, as it benefits you in the following ways:

  • One is that it takes your business to a larger audience base.
  • Two, you are only paid when someone is genuinely interested in your offerings.
  • Three, you can set spending limits, making it a cost-effective strategy.
  • Four, you can run your ads anywhere.
  • Fifth, fast results.

Solar business owners and marketers must follow this marketing strategy. If you are wondering where to begin, you can start by creating accounts on major search engines. This includes Google, Bing, and whatever other search engine you prefer. Then, list the targeted keywords and craft a captivating ad copy with eye-catching visuals. And, you are ready to roar!

Local SEO

Local SEO is a part of the search engine optimization strategy. It helps businesses appear in Google local search results.

For example, if a customer types in the search bar, “solar panel services near me,”  it will display a map pack. A map pack is simply a map with local listings. And if you’ve done your local SEO correctly, your customers should be able to contact you at any time.

So, local SEO is a crucial approach for generating solar leads. Not incorporating it will lead you to miss out on a potential audience.

Furthermore, there are multiple ways to thrive with local SEO. But registering your company on “Google My Business” is among the noteworthy ones. You would be surprised to know that 94% of local business calls are from GMB. In addition, 74% of customers visit stores. And there are more staggering stats like these. 

So, now that you know, start harnessing the power of local SEO for your solar lead generation.

Host a Solar-themed Webinar

Hosting a solar-themed webinar signifies that you have ample knowledge of the subject matter. This automatically boosts the credibility of your company. Moreover, webinars are very interactive and personal. They give participants ample opportunity to ask questions. 

And when you are the face of your company, you can respond to them. Like, how can your company cut down on its energy bills? Or what will be the average cost of solar panel installation?

You can consider it like an online course. where you are molding the participant’s view while offering your services at the same time. The only difference is that everything is taking place in real time. This means that as you keep answering their queries, your impact grows naturally.

Furthermore, it is good that you are hosting the webinar all by yourself. But it will be even better if you co-host with a teammate. as it creates a more dynamic flow and makes the webinar more conversational. As a result, it provides you with more opportunities to create solar leads.

Customer Reviews and Testimonials:

Do you know that 90% of visitors and 88% of potential customers read reviews before making a final decision? And not only reviews but also testimonials play a huge role. One fewer star or one bad review will turn away your prospective client.

This is why it’s crucial to emphasize your company’s star rating. And at the same time create a trustworthy social media presence.

The question is, how can you achieve this?

Through follow-up! You can start by approaching your previous clients and encouraging them to give their valuable feedback. Take a persistent follow-up approach and ask them if their panels are working fine or if they need any help. This way, you would do two things:

  • You will turn your one-time customer into a loyal future customer.
  • And you will build unsaid word-of-mouth marketing.

This is the final step in your solar lead generation process. So, ensure you do it right and don’t do impulsive things.

Final Words

Generating qualified solar leads is not an easy task. But with an effective marketing strategy, things will progress gradually. All you need is direction and persistence.

Just start with creating an engaging and optimized website. Make use of all the platforms where you can connect with your audience. Don’t focus on marketing your services. Instead, educate them more. Interact with them more. Invest your time and resources in organic and paid marketing strategies. Take follow-ups at certain intervals and offer a helping hand just in case they need it.

Always keep in mind that your goal is to make a name for yourself in the marketplace. Once you know how to generate solar leads, just stick with it.

So, these are the must-known solar marketing concepts or fundamentals. You will surely be able to sell solar leads if you implement them in your business.