How To Find Viral Tags for More Views on YouTube Videos

YouTube Tags Generator

YouTube tags are important, no matter the size of your YouTube channel. It’s the first thing that potential viewers see when they find your video through search results or by browsing your channel’s videos. Though it’s relatively simple to get YouTube tags, there are some best practices you should follow when creating them, which I’ll show you in this guide on how to find viral tags for more views on YouTube videos.

Why Viral Tags Are Important?

It is much more beneficial to have an interesting and engaging video with viral tags than it is to just have a successful video. A viral tag will not only make your video seem more appealing, but it can also help you get an extremely large number of views very quickly. That being said, it’s important that you understand how to get these tags as well as what makes one viral tag different from another.

The only way that you will be able to do this is by downloading and using a YouTube Tags Generator that works best for you. Some of these generators are designed in such a way that they make it easy for anyone to use them while others require you enter your own words into them.

Why You Shouldn’t Use Tags From Other Channels?

YouTube changed its algorithm in 2017, which impacted organic views. You’re most likely aware of how important tags and titles are when trying to rank your video on Google. But did you know that using tags and titles from other channels can hurt your ranking factor?

The primary reason is that YouTube has a limit on how many times you can use any one tag. If someone uses it too often, there’s a chance they’ll either miss out or have their video removed altogether! To combat bad tags, YouTube prevents them from showing up at all.

Generate your own tags with this YouTube tags generator:

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Which are the best keywords to use?

A lot of people wonder what they should be searching for when they look up viral tags, but there’s not a simple answer. While it’s true that certain keywords are going to perform better than others, it’s important to remember that you can use more than one keyword in your search query and still have a video go viral.

For example, if you upload a video that talks about how you tie a shoelace and tag it with how to tie shoelaces tutorial, shoe tying tricks, and tricks on how to tie shoes. You don’t need all three tags at once; just pick two or three related keywords and try them out; then return to them later.

Where should you share your video?

Once you’ve uploaded your video, share it on as many social media platforms as possible. This will increase your views, but don’t forget that quality content is just as important. Share it on all of your channels, but be careful not to spam your followers.

Chances are good they won’t appreciate getting another one of those Here’s my latest video; please watch and like! Thank you very much! – FirstName LastName @YouTubeChannel messages in their feed every week. Make sure each piece of content has value and isn’t just a blatant advertisement for yourself or your brand.

The best time of day to publish your video on YouTube:

Morning or afternoon? It all depends on what you’re hoping to achieve. If you just want views, then morning is a better time than the afternoon; if you want your video to go viral, then the afternoon is a better time than morning.

For example, let’s say you publish your video at 8 AM and have a goal of getting 1 million views by 5 PM that day. You would need 3 million people across the world watching at that exact moment in order for your video to reach its target view count.


If you want to get viral tags on your videos and make money from them, there are a few things you can do.

First, don’t make it about yourself! If your video is about your experiences with something, you will lose people really quickly.

Second, do spend some time researching topics that are currently trending and see if there is a way you can incorporate them into what you’re making.

Finally, when it comes time to actually create content, think of yourself as a producer and not an actor. Your job isn’t just to film something; it’s also to market it too! That means having a lot of contacts on various platforms who are willing and able to spread the news about your videos far and wide.