Useful Tips and Tricks of Online Reputation Management

online repuation

Jesse Levine, a Norristown based reputation expert with years of extensive and successful track record in business explores useful tips and tricks to ensure your online reputation shine in the digital world.

When people google search your business, is your website ranking on the first page? Are the searches positive and up-to-date or are some negative mentions, reviews, and trolls? Whether you are a multi-million dollar enterprise, a growing start-up, or a professional in the wake of his career, your reputation is the most important asset. From landing a dream job to influencing customer buying decisions to hiring employers or partners, to even seeking out romantic interests, people make google their go-to when digging out information about a business or individual online. This is to say that online reputation can undeniably influence both your professional and personal lives. Hence, it is imperative to take proactive online reputation management and ensure that what your online presence speaks about you is positive. 

However, online reputation management goes beyond managing online reviews and responding to negative comments. Here is an expert,  Jesse Levine Norristown to walk you through useful tips and tricks that can help you take control of your digital presence. Read on!

Google yourself

If you haven’t done so, first, take some time to google yourself and find out what google has got to say about you. From the first page to the last page, peruse all the information and explore everything. The aim is to have an overview of what the internet world has to say, where to start, what is required to manage it, and what you are up against. One thing is sure, whatever google tells you about your brand is what others who searched for you will likely see. When prospective employers, or consumers or potential business partners search for you, let the result be professional, positive, and clean. It’s time to take charge of your online repuation. 

Consider your goals

No! The next thing is not to dab right into the online reputation management strategies. This is one of the mistakes one can make when striving to build a positive online image. The next thing is to identify your goals that will serve as a foundation to build on. When people google your brand or business what do you expect them to see? Do you want to appear as a public speaker, expert in certain fields, or a startup or a fashion model? This will serve as the basis for building the best reputation management possible. Moreover, check out the leaders in your field. The tools they are using, the social platforms they have gained ground, how they are engaging with the audience, and building a successful positive image. 

Be proactive

To survive in today’s digital world and be either a successful entrepreneur or professional, online reputation is something you cannot ignore. “While some executives or brands thought it wise to run a low profile on social platforms and keep things private, they run at a greater risk of being run down by an individual who has got something negative to say about their operation or business,” says Jesse Levine. Brands who aren’t investing in their online reputation management now might have to deal with repairing damaged image, losing considerable revenues, and having to deal with an online presence they ignored. Don’t just fold hands and wait for the outage to bursts, proactive steps have to be taken to safeguard your online repuation. 

Claim your space

The time to get involved, be active, and build a positive relationship with your audience can never be right than now. Those social media accounts and websites that you have been ignoring for years have got a lot to offer you and your business. Be active on social media and position yourself right in the nose of your target audience. Clean up old out of date profile, keeps track of all your social accounts, and post engaging content regularly. This is one of the ways to build your audience and engage with them


The fact is, people are talking about your brand and many will form their opinions base on what is being said. Therefore, it is important to keep a tab of what is being said about your brand and take proper actions to respond accordingly.

Moreover, when you get active on your social platforms and interact with your audience, chances are high that you might have to get involved in arguments or respond to negative reviews. Ignore any online trolls, insults, and name-calling. As much as you are tempted to, never respond to any comments in the heat of an argument and don’t be caught arguing online. Remember, the aim is to build a positive online repuation.  In the case of businesses, address any customer grievance positively and resist the urge to get angry, defensive, and met out negativity. This will help you to connect with your audience, increase problem-solving, and win more loyal audiences or customers.