Step-by-Step Guide To Sydney Bathroom Renovations- Barr Built’s Expert Tips

Sydney Bathroom

Your home’s bathroom is ‘unconsciously’ one of the most important spaces, so you need to take proper care of it. Under certain circumstances, you may need to renovate your bathroom, which is exciting and very time-consuming.

However, the result can result in elevating the comfort of your home. Indulging in home renovation isn’t easy, but things will be easier when you have experts by your side. Professionals at Barr Built follow a step-by-step guide for Sydney bathroom renovations so that you can get the bathroom of your dreams.

Whether it is research and brainstorming or renovating the space, every step is crucial, and bathroom renovation experts in Sydney take care of it all. As a result, they work on creating bespoke bathrooms with stunning visions. Continue reading to understand the step-by-step process followed by Barr Built to ensure complete renovations seamlessly.

Steps to Renovate a Bathroom in Sydney

It is essential to clear out all the doubts regarding the technicalities of renovating the bathroom. Thus, here is a step-by-step guide that you may follow:

Choose a Concept for the New Bathroom

Once you decide on the renovation, you should decide on a concept you will follow. This will help you understand the bathroom’s layout, tile placement, and lighting. In terms of concept, you can opt for a minimalist bathroom or go over the top with extremely modern designs.

Finalise the New Bathroom Layout

You need to decide on a layout that maximises space utilisation and properly divides wet and dry areas. It should also provide ample space for positioning the built-in storage, sanitaryware and sanitary fixtures.

Choose a Contractor

You will need an expert to turn your vision into reality, especially regarding bathroom renovation. It would help if you were working with someone who understands your concept and puts it in place. Thus, you may discuss with different contractors before finalising who you are the most compatible with.

Set up a Realistic Budget

A budget is one of the most critical requirements of renovating the bathroom, so you should neither go overboard nor be too low with it. If you want budget-friendly deals, you should opt for DIY. However, you must discuss the same with your contractor and set a realistic budget.

Realistic Budget

Set up a Timeline

A bathroom renovation isn’t something that can be done overnight. At the same time, it shouldn’t take too long either. The timeline you set for the bathroom renovation depends on the layout, fitting, fixtures and accessories you want added. Make sure to convey all your requirements to your bathroom renovator so they can look into it and discuss the time it may take to deliver the project.

Select the Right Materials

The materials you choose for your bathroom contribute to the bathroom’s aesthetics. Thus, some of the materials you must focus on include the tiles, lighting and more.

How to Choose the Right Bathroom Flooring?

The bathroom flooring that you choose should be waterproof to prevent the risk of falling. Furthermore, the flooring must be easy to install and fit the personal aesthetic requirements.

How to Choose the Bathroom Tiles?

The bathroom tiles should not be more than three types; each must complement the other. It would help if you choose bathroom tiles that are easy to clean. Furthermore, carefully consider the size of the bathroom. The most preferred bathroom tile size is 300x300mm.

How Do You Choose the Suitable Materials for Bathroom Walls?

Ceramic tile and stone are often considered the best material choice for bathroom walls. It is advisable to focus on durability, aesthetics, finishes and colour of the material while choosing the bathroom wall materials.

How to Choose the Best Lighting?

While aesthetics is one of the most important factors to consider when choosing bathroom lighting, there are other aspects. It helps you determine where you will be fixing the light to get the best impact. For mirrors, you should choose LED lights; for walls, you may select fixtures or lamps.

Best Lighting

Mistakes to Avoid While Sydney Bathroom Renovations

Since bathroom renovation in Sydney is not an easy process and requires expertise, it is quite common to make certain mistakes. However, it is strongly advisable to try and avoid mistakes that include:

  • Changing the location of the tub or bathroom.
  • Falling for the latest designs and not focusing on functionality.
  • Not installing a ventilation space.
  • Including a poor drainage system.


You should never take your bathroom renovation lightly, and always ensure experts do it. The bathroom is one of the most important areas of your house, which is why you need the assistance of experts like Barr Built.

The experts at Barr Built suggest considering the smallest details to achieve your personal goals regarding bathroom renovation. So, contact them today to know more!